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Mansi Bagla’s new song ‘Tujhse Milne Ki Aas’ to her new venture Mini Songs, here's everything you should know

Mansi Bagla is a staunch supporter of Ruskin bond and is all set to release the song ‘Tujhse Milne Ki Aas’ for her Ruskin Bond’s anthology from her new music label called Mini songs.

India TV Entertainment Desk Edited By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: September 15, 2022 19:09 IST
Mansi Bangla and Raveena Mehta
Image Source : FILE IMAGE In frame Mansi Bangla and Raveena Mehta

Mansi Bagla's new promotional song Tujhse Milne Ki Aas by singer Raveena Mehta for Ruskin Bond's anthology is set to release on 16th September.  "I wholly resonate with Ruskin sir's stories as I'm a staunch believer of love", says producer Mansi Bagla  Producer Mansi Bagla is best known for her maiden project Forensic, a crime thriller directed by Vishal Furia and stars Vikrant Massey & Radhika Apte as the main lead. After successfully venturing into film business through Mini Films, now Mansi Bagla is all set to venture into music with Mini Songs.

Her new song Tujhse Milne Ki Aas starring renowned artist and singer Raveena Mehta, which was shot at Cannes Film Festival as a promotional song of her collaboration with Ruskin Bond and his stories, is set to release on 16th September. The song produced and directed by her was created in gratitude to Mohit Suri, for coming on board for this anthology project. 

India Tv - Mansi Bangla and Raveena Mehta

Image Source : FILE IMAGEMansi Bangla and Raveena Mehta

Talking about venturing into Mini Music, Mansi Bagla quotes, “Music is always evolving and requires constant touch to the roots of the youth culture. I strongly believe in this process of creation and have the patience to nuture talent. Music is my soul and I will take Mini Music to greater heights with the right collaborations. After a few releases, our vision is to organise the Biggest music world tour of Indian artists. It will be something grand."

Talking about her association with renowned author Ruskin Bond she says, “I have read many books of Ruskin sir and I wholly resonate with his stories as I'm a staunch believer of love. I’m a person who prefers untwisted and sweet love stories. When you read his books, you dive into the world of innocence which is soothing and that’s where I connected with his stories. I think it was destiny that during the shoot of Forensic, I happen to meet him. It was a great meeting where we vibed well and had a good discussion about his writing. We both agreed upon that we can give life to the story from his book. That’s how the entire association happened. I’m utterly grateful that we are doing this because for me it all begins with a right story and content to start a film. And I’m completely fond of his writing wherein I’m determined to do complete justice to his stories.” 

Talking about the song Tujhse Milne Ki Aas Mansi shares,"Tujhse Milne Ki Aas is an independent, dreamy, acoustic musical escapade created and produced by Mini Films. It is a song of deep longing which incorporates an immense depth in the lyrics and melodies, with an indie yet cinematic flare. This year we had the opportunity to be at the Cannes Film Festival. The experience and challenge of shooting with the local people and team was something different. It was like a test for me as I had a lot of inhibition on it because I had to manage with limited team at the same time not compromising with the quality. "

Mansi went on to say “Raveena is one of the very few artists I have worked with that has an amalgamation of head voice and chest voice, which has lead to her unique vocal texture. Very few artists have this combination which most definitely sets her apart in Western and Indian music.”

Raveena adds, "Mansi is truly a visionary, she is absolutely set with her vision and goals, and is all about the right strategic execution. She is authentic and is here to create something that will leave a lasting impact on the world and cinema. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and working with Mansi. She exudes positive energy. I'm excited about her journey and looking forward to witnessing her soar even higher."

Giving insight about how Mohit Suri came on board for Ruskin Bond's stories, elated Mansi shares,"We had signed Mohit Suri on Ruskin Bond’s birthday which was just before the Cannes Film Festival 2022. Since he is one of my favorite director, so as a gratitude to him I created this song. It was great to know that he shares the same passion as mine for love stories. He is also an avid fan of Ruskin Bond sir."

On speaking about directing the song she continues,"There is a director in me because I always had a creative directorial mindset and look into the details of all the departments. For me content creation comes first and is at the top of the pyramid. That’s the goal I always strive and dream to be master at."

When quizzed about her experiences and struggles as a producer coming from non film background she answers,"I feel challenges are there in every field and it's more about how you perceive them. Yes, I don't come from a film background so it took me sometime to create and showcase my skills. But I'm a strong believer of if you have the determination and if you're honest towards your work. Sooner or later you are going to chase that. Challenges are part and parcel of life which makes us stronger and wiser."


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