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Bruce Willis aphasia diagnosis: Die Hard actor going through 'really difficult time' after acting retirement

Bruce Willis has retired from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia. Now, Sylvester Stallone shared a health update about his The Expendables 2 co-star.

Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: November 17, 2022 16:59 IST
Hollywood star Bruce Willis
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/DOBLEDEBRUCE Bruce Willis is suffering from aphasia, a language disorder

Bruce Willis, 67, revealed his aphasia diagnosis earlier this year. At the time, he officially announced his retirement from acting as well. Now, Willis' co-star in The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone has shared a health update about the former and what he had to say will break the heart of the fans of the Die Hard star. Stallone said that Willis' condition is not good and he is not communicating with anyone. Stallone also said that he too has not been in touch with Willis and that not speaking to him is 'killing him'. 

Sylvester Stallone on Bruce Willis' health   

Giving an update about Bruce Willis' health, Sylvester Stallone said, "He is going through some really, really difficult times. So he's been sort of incommunicado.” Stallone also added that not being able to speak to Willis 'kills him' and “it's so sad.” After Willis' aphasia diagnosis, this is the first time that we are hearing about the action star's health. 

What is aphasia, the condition Bruce Willis lives with? 

Aphasia is a communication disability caused by damage or changes to the language networks of the brain. Often considered a difficulty with “getting words out”, aphasia can in fact impact every aspect of a person’s life. A person with aphasia can have difficulty speaking, understanding others, reading, writing and using numbers. It impacts everything from conversations, negotiating, expressing emotions, storytelling, asking questions, to writing an email. When communication is affected, so is the ability to share information, engage in relationships and interact meaningfully with the world. Depression and other negative mood changes are common in people with aphasia, as is a reduction in their self-perceived quality of life.

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Bruce Willis' family reveals aphasia diagnosis 

In March earlier this year, Bruce Willis' family announced on social media that the actor is stepping away from acting after he was diagnosed with aphasia. The actor's family, in a joint statement on Instagram, shared the aphasia diagnosis that is caused by brain damage.


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