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Tunisha Sharma was NOT depressed, Sheezan Khan's family was giving her wrong medication: Lawyer

Sheezan Khan has been arrested and placed in judicial custody after his co-star Tunisha Sharma died by suicide on the set of Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul on December 24.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Updated on: January 11, 2023 18:32 IST
Sheezan Khan bail hearing
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/ SHEEZAN9 Sheezan Khan has been accused of abetting Tunisha Sharma's suicide

The bail hearing of Sheezan Khan in the Tunisha Sharma death case has ended in Vasai Court today. The judge has reserved his judgment till January 13. Sheezan and Tunisha were co-stars on the Sony Sab show Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul and were in a relationship. After the alleged break up, Tunisha hung herself in one of the makeup rooms on the set and after accusations from her mother Vanita Sharma, Sheezan has been arrested and placed under judicial custody. At his bail hearing, the lawyer representing Tunisha and her family has laid many accusations against Sheezan and his family. 

Lawyer accuses Sheezan's family of giving wrong medication 

Earlier, it had been revealed that Tunisha Sharma was very close to Sheezan Khan's family. At his bail hearing on Wednesday, lawyer Tarun Sharma accused Sheezan's family of giving the wrong medication to Tunisha, which he claimed was being prescribed by someone from Jaipur. He also claimed that Tunisha was not depressed and that Sheezan was distancing her from her own family. The lawyer also said that Sheezan and his family are trying to tarnish the deceased and the family's image by lying. He opposed the bail of Sheezan in the ongoing case by stating that he is being evasive in custody and not coming clean about his deleted WhatsApp chats.

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Sheezan Khan drove Tunisha to commit suicide

Tunisha Sharma's lawyer also said that Sheezan Khan drove her to commit suicide. He argued that he lied to her about many things when they were in a relationship. After their breakup, Tunisha was broken and she took the extreme step of taking her own life. "All the photos found are found on Tunisha's Instagram. Nothing has been found on Sheezan's Instagram handle. It means Sheezan didn't love her. He was just using her," lawyer Tarun Sharma said in Court. 

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Tunisha Sharma's lawyer on claims of her 'last call'

It has recently been alleged that Tunisha Sharma made a call to her 'Tinder date' before she died by suicide. The late actress' lawyer has dismissed these claims by questioning how Sheezan came to know about her 'last call'. The lawyer said in court that Tunisha's last call was to her mother Vanita Sharma. Lawyer Tarun Sharma also said that Sheezan and his family are misguiding everyone by putting forth the 'depression' theory, when in fact, Tunisha was not depressed.     




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