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'PM Modi very fond of music rooted in Indian soil, meaningful lyrics', says producer Mahaveer Jain

PM Narendra Modi has a keen interest in arts and culture and strongly supports the creative industry, says film producer Mahaveer Jain whose upcoming releases include Ram Setu and Uunchai.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: September 03, 2022 18:52 IST
Image Source : SOURCED PM Narendra Modi with film producer Mahaveer Jain

Film producer Mahaveer Jain has shared some interesting details about PM Narendra Modi, detailing how he has a keen interest in arts and culture. Jain also said that PM Modi strongly supports the creative fraternity. Excerpts from an interview follow. 

According to you, what does PM Modi feel about the creative world? 

MJ: His profound knowledge of our rich culture, art and heritage is remarkable. He takes keen interest and often talks about these pillars of harmony and wisdom with a lot of pride. He is very fond of music rooted in Indian soil as well as meaningful lyrics. I have always felt that at heart, he himself is a very creative person who admires the creative fraternity for its positive contribution.


Can you share some insights about PM Modi?

MJ: First of all, I consider myself very fortunate to have met our PM. He is a very strong personality yet is very sensitive and emotional at heart. Despite being in the most powerful position, he is a karma yogi, detached and spiritual within, with a beautiful divine aura around him. He lives every moment with complete awareness. A great listener and learner, who is open and inclusive. He connects with people and understands them instantly. He is on a mission to take our country to greater heights.

Can you elaborate on that...

MJ: I mean… we have all witnessed the way India is being respected globally, the way we fought back during Covid-19 pandemic and helped many other countries as well. Initiatives like Har Ghar Tiranga gave us a great sense of unity and togetherness, taking our country forward. I feel we are truly blessed to have him as our leader. He is our biggest strength and pride who continues to live his life with this amazing philosophy from an early age - 'A life well lived, is a life lived for others'.

According to you, what is the entertainment industry’s role in society?

MJ: I feel, ours is a noble profession, as we play an important role in spreading love, joy and hope through our work to bring a balance to society. Also, the livelihood of so many families depends on the film industry. My only request to all my fraternity friends is that let us all try and entertain people in a healthy way, with a little sense of responsibility, as our influence is huge. Also, we should encourage, entertaining stories connected to our roots, values and culture. Inspiring stories that can usher the youth of our country into a glorious future.

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Tell us about your upcoming releases.

MJ: I am excited about all our films, especially Uunchai and Ram Setu.

Ram Setu is an exceptional story honouring our Indian history. Looking forward to our second association with Akshay Kumar. Uunchai is a very heart-warming film that is close to our hearts and explores the true meaning of friendship.

I respect the Rajshri family and Sooraj (Barjatya) ji immensely and consider them one of the greatest role models in our industry. I am grateful that they gave us an opportunity to be a part of this special film. 

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