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'Huge conspiracy' to kill Arvind Kejriwal in jail, insulin denied by Tihar authorities: AAP's big claim

The Enforcement Directorate before a court claimed that Delhi CM is consuming items like tea with sugar mangoes, aloo puri, and sweets daily despite being a patient of diabetes mellitus type II.

Edited By: Arushi Jaiswal @JaiswalArushi New Delhi Published on: April 18, 2024 22:24 IST
Arvind Kejriwal, AAP, Atishi
Image Source : PTI Delhi Cabinet Minister Atishi

Arvind Kejriwal in jail: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday claimed that there was a "huge conspiracy" to kill Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by denying him home-cooked food in jail. The Delhi CM is currently lodged in Tihar Jail in the Delhi excise policy case.

Her accusation came shortly after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) informed a court that Kejriwal is consuming high-sugar foods such as mangoes and sweets daily, despite being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to create grounds for medical bail.

'There's a conspiracy to kill Kejriwal'

Addressing the media, Delhi Cabinet Minister Atishi claimed that accused the federal probe agency of lying regarding the chief minister's diet. "The BJP through its wing ED is trying to harm Kejriwal's health. They are trying to stop the supply of home-cooked food to Kejriwal in jail. The ED lied in court and said that Kejriwal is having tea with sugar and eating sweets. This is a complete lie. Kejriwal is taking an artificial sweetener," she said.

Atishi said the ED told the court that Kejriwal is eating bananas. "Any doctor will tell you that diabetes patients are asked to carry banana or any toffee or chocolate because a drop in sugar-level can be dangerous for life. The ED said he is eating aloo-puri. The ED should be afraid of God for lying so much. He ate puri only on the first day of Navratra. All these lies are being spread by the BJP and ED to stop the supply of home-cooked food to Kejriwal," she alleged.

Atishi expressed concern that once Kejriwal is no longer allowed to have home-cooked food, there would be uncertainty about what he is being fed in jail and when. "From the past few days, Kejriwal's sugar level has been over 300 mg/dl, but he has been denied insulin by Tihar jail authorities. There's a conspiracy to kill Kejriwal by stopping his home-cooked food supply," she alleged.

"To control his sugar level, Arvind Kejriwal takes 54 units of insulin every day. This many units of insulin are taken by those who have severe diabetes. What food you eat, and which exercise you do, all are necessary for a diabetic patient. That's the reason the court has allowed him to have home-made food. But the BJP with the help of its ancillary institution ED is trying to deteriorate the health of Arvind Kejriwal and trying to stop his home-made food. ED said in the Court that Arvind Kejriwal is having sweet tea and eating sweets, it's a blatant lie," she added.

Tihar Jail on AAP claims 

Hours after the AAP alleged that Kejriwal is not being given insulin in jail, the Tihar sources said that all medicines, including insulin, are available in sufficient quantities in the jail. Two senior doctors appointed by the Delhi government are monitoring Kejriwal's health and sugar levels round the clock, and he is being provided with the required amount of insulin as per their recommendations.

"There are around 250 more prisoners in Tihar with sugar parameters like Kejriwal, everyone is given equal treatment, and there is no discrimination," the Tihar Jail sources said.

"Will Arvind Kejriwal or Aam Aadmi Party decide which medicine or how much insulin will be given? insulin is given according to the increase and decrease in the level, all of them are being given according to the supervision of doctors. If anyone has any issues, we will present the doctors' reports and disclose the medication details in court," they added. 

Claims ED made in court 

Ed claimed that the Delhi Chief Minister is consuming items like tea with sugar mangoes, aloo puri, and sweets daily despite being a patient of diabetes mellitus type II. The probe agency further claimed that Kejriwal, who has been allowed to have home-cooked meals, is eating food high in sugar to raise his blood sugar level and make ground for medical bail.

The central probe agency made the claim before a special judge for CBI and ED cases, Kaveri Baweja, while the court was hearing the plea of Kejriwal seeking doctor consultation.

"Arvind Kejriwal is consciously consuming items like tea with sugar, banana, sweets (1/2 pieces), poori, aaloo sabji, etc. on a regular basis despite being a patient of diabetes mellitus type II and knowing very well that consumption of such items results into an increase in blood sugar," the counsel representing the ED said.

"This is being done to create a medical emergency, to obtain sympathetic treatment from the Ld. Court of Law on medical grounds," the ED further said.

The ED further said that doctors are posted in jail round-the-clock, who are measuring blood sugar levels of Kejriwal twice a day. "The jail authorities have already asked AIIMS to prescribe a medical diet after considering his blood sugar data and the fact that he has a case of diabetes mellitus type II with chronic constipation with chronic cough (chronic bronchitis) and is under regular treatment," it said.

According to ED, referring to Kejriwal's medical report, the Delhi Chief Minister's blood sugar level was measured at 139 mg/dl on April 1, the day he was admitted to Tihar Jail. However, the ED stated that this level rose to 276 mg/dl by the morning of April 14.

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