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What is KiKi (KeKe) or InMyFeelings Challenge? How it started? Why police thinks it’s dangerous; All you need to know

Kiki (KeKe) Challenge Latest Updates: Despite several warnings, many people including Kundali Bhagya actress Shraddha Arya took KiKi Challenge on social media.

Written by: Reshu Manglik, New Delhi [ Updated: August 07, 2018 16:35 IST ]
Image Source : INSTAGRAM

What is KiKi Challenge? How it started and why police say it’s dangerous; All you need to know 

KiKi Challenge or InMyFeelings Challenge? Heard about it? If you’ve not been living under rocks for past few months, you know about this ongoing social media challenge we fondly know as KiKi challenge or InMyFeelings Challenge. On social media websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, videos with hashtags #KiKiChallenge or #InMyFeelingsChallenge are going viral. In the video, you can see some crazy people jumping out of their moving cars and dancing on Drake’s In My Feelings song while the car is moving along. It’s been weeks ever since this viral song has been out. People are taking up the KiKi challenge which is being said to dangerous by not only Indian police but foreign police as well.

Here’s all you need to know about KiKi Challenge of In My Feelings Challenge

What is KiKi or In My Feelings Challenge?

As per the challenge, the participant has to move out of a slow-moving car and dance on the track In My Feelings recreating the signature steps. The driver will record the video, which will go on the social media with hashtag #KiKiChallenge. It started off with a bit of fun but now it has become a global safety issue. Police around the world is warning people against the challenge.

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The iconic lyrics of the In My Feelings song are as follows:

"KiKi, do you love me? Are you riding? Said you'd never ever leave from beside me, 'cause I want you and I need you, and I'm down for you always."

If you have watched the videos with KiKi Challenge hashtags, probably you must have been singing the song in your head and congratulations you’re going to do this for the rest of eternity.

How did #KiKiChallenge start?

If you watch the official video of Drake’s In My Feelings song, you will not see a car or a crazy lover jumping out of it while it’s moving. Here’s the official video of Drake’s song.

The challenge became viral after internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself on Instagram dancing on the song. Interestingly, his video didn’t involve a car. The video has been watched over by more than 6 million users on Instagram.

The challenge culminated into the existing form when Shiggy’s friend Odell Beckham Jr. Recorded a video on the same song while dancing outside a vehicle. That’s how KiKi Challenge came into this world to wreck havoc.

What Drake has said about #KiKi Challenge?

Drake can only thank Shiggy for making his song skyrocket to the top of the charts. The song was not originally planned to be released as a single. He even shared a picture with Shiggy on his Instagram.

Here’s how celebrities have done the #KiKiChallenge

Will Smith walked an extra mile to make his KiKi Challenge video look the most different. He did the challenge on the top of a bridge in Budapest. He is heard saying in the video, ‘this is definitely illegal’ while scaling the bridge.

TV actress Nia Sharma also shared a video of herself doing the In My Feelings challenge however, the car wasn’t moving.

Also, TV actress Karishma Sharma who featured in Gajendra Verma’s viral song Isme Tera Ghata, also danced on the KiKi Challenge.

Later, Bollywood actress Adah Sharma added the classical touch to the ongoing In My Feelings Challenge.

Why Mumbai, Noida and Chandigarh police find #KiKiChallenge dangerous?

As expected, jumping out of a moving car and dancing on a busy road involves multiple risks including getting hit by the car.

For example, this video:

or this?

Police in Florida have said that anyone caught trying the KiKi Challenge will be slapped with a $1000 fine plus criminal charges will be pressed against him,"

Mumbai police tweeted a warning, “Not just a risk for you but your act can put life of others at risk too. Desist from public nuisance or face the music!"

No wonder, why ’11 Mulk ki Police’ are after #KiKiChallenge!

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