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Attention Aadhaar card users! UIDAI warns against plastic lamination of your card for THIS reason

Aadhaar Card Alert! If you are an Aadhaar cardholder then this news is for you. Most of us who have an Aadhaar card fall to this common mistake. UIDAI has warned Aadhaar card users against plastic lamination of their card for the following reasons:

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New Delhi Updated on: September 06, 2019 20:15 IST
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Attention! UIDAI issues advisory, says THESE Aadhaar cards are invalid; details inside

Attention Aadhaar cardholders!

Most of us do this common mistake with our Aadhaar card or even Driving License. Often, we get the original card laminated in order to protect it from wear and tear. Some of us also get Aadhaar card cloned for daily use purpose. We also feel that if we keep the Aadhaar card laminated then it will have a long-lasting life. 

But the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI) has warned us from doing so. According to UIDAI, by doing this, the Aadhaar QR code may stop working or private information can be stolen and without your concern, your personal information can reach to someone else.

Your Aadhaar details are cloned for misuse.

Never use plastic Aadhaar smart card

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) cautions people not to fall to ploys of some unscrupulous entities who are charging anywhere between Rs.50 to Rs.300 or more for printing Aadhaar on a plastic card in the name of smart card, as the Aadhaar letter or its cutaway portion or downloaded version of Aadhaar on ordinary paper is perfectly valid.

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The UIDAI has often said that the Aadhaar card or the downloaded Aadhaar card printed on ordinary paper is perfectly valid for all uses.

Why put yourself at risk by laminating Aadhaar Card when you can follow these simple steps to download it anytime anywhere:

Aadhaar card: Easy steps to download, retrieve, print your Aadhaar


UIDAI warns Aadhaar card users against fraudulent use of essential info

In a statement, the UIDAI said that without your concern, your personal information will be shared with the wrong elements. Often centres that operate in lamination and photocopy kinds of stuff are vulnerable to leak your personal information.  UIDAI also believes that the Plastic Aadhaar smart card is completely unnecessary and INVALID. So, if you have laminated your Aadhaar Card or using it as PVC Aadhaar smart cards then that will be considered as invalid. However, the downloaded Aadhaar card or mobile Aadhaar card print out is completely valid.

There is no concept such as smart or plastic Aadhaar card. 

Information without permission will be an offence 

UIDAI has also warned unauthorized agencies collecting details of Aadhaar cards, saying that obtaining information or making unauthorized printing of Aadhaar cards is a punishable offence. The person who will be caught doing so, may face serious consequences including jail. 

For more details you can also read UIDAI press release on Aadhaar: 


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