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Luv Nagpal interview

Luv Nagpal, the MD of Vetoni, believes that nature is a gift to humankind, and we should utilize it without disregarding nature itself. Company was founded six decades ago by Sh. Shyam Sunder Nagpal, a dedicated passionate environment lover.

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Luv Nagpal interview

Luv Nagpal interview

Tell us about Vetoni

The MD of Vetoni, Luv Nagpal, believes that nature is a gift to humankind, and we should utilize it without disregarding nature itself. Company was founded six decades ago by Sh. Shyam Sunder Nagpal, a dedicated passionate environment lover who wanted to build the bridge between the natural benefits of nature and humankind's well-being. Since then, not only has he been leading and guiding the team and company, but he has also worked hard to discover the hidden and unexplored secrets of what nature has to offer. 

Explain your belief, mission, and vision?

Vetoni has the highest regard for humankind's well-being, respect for people and nature, reflected in its operating principles and social and environmental policies.

At Vetoni, our mission is to make widely available natural sciences' finest qualities, advanced by modern science, to satisfy the diverse personal beauty needs of customers and cultures throughout the world.

At Vetoni we have the vision to be the most desirable by our customers by being the best we can be and constantly striving to be better? Strike a balance between technology and the environment for generations to come.

What are the primary Unique Selling Points at Vetoni?

Thorough commitment to the quality, Vetoni products are delivered only after the most advanced technological run-throughs at the in-house lab tests with a personal touch. Across all product range, specific quality checks are followed, resulting in substantial exports in most continents across the globe with all the prestigious certifications like ISO, GMP and HALAL.

What are your principles?


Vetoni enjoys a worldwide reputation for its love for nature and product innovations and product performance, safety, and environment-friendly policies. We maintain exacting quality standards in all areas of business management methods, research and development, production, and so much more.


Vetoni is dedicated to innovating with genuine authority and technological advances, based on a legacy of learning and extensive and ongoing investment in research—without resorting to animal experiments or testing. We strive to lead in the invention, development, and manufacture of the world’s most advanced natural products.


Everyone has dreams, but it takes determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort to turn dreams into reality. As a result, Vetoni continues to develop new concepts in holistic beauty, which have delighted our customers.

For any business to succeed, there is an excellent team of leaders. Who are the brains of the company, its success, and the goodwill of Vetoni?

Sixty years back, Sh. Shyam Sunder Nagpal changed his dream into reality when he founded Toni International- a sister concern of Vetoni. Under his leadership, experience, and love for nature, the company came up with products that were naturally effective and transformed into a formula that humankind has grown to love and admire over the years. 

Mr. Mahender Nagpal is the co-Founder of Toni International, who used his passion and experience for the betterment of the company. During the three decades of his career, he has always prioritized our people and invested in them. He gave them creative freedom while pushing the boundaries in the research and development to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best. 

Today the company is under the leadership of Luv Nagpal, the Chief Executive and Managing Director of Vetoni. With modern out-of-the-box thinking and approach, "I am now ready to take on the present times' challenge while continuing the founder's legacy and vision."

Mr. Luv Nagpal, what is the biggest challenge you face now that you are heading Vetoni?

The biggest challenge that I have is establishing myself as an Entrepreneur; especially, in a market that already recognizes the company under the past leaders' leadership. Although I do have a set client base, the real challenge comes now when I need to ensure that I retain my clients and add value to the company by targeting a new set. 

How do you plan to take the company to a new height with your qualifications and educational background?

Ever since I was 14, I always had an interest in the family business of cosmetics. I even used to go with my father and grandfather to the office to learn more about the company. It was this interest that made me take on a cosmetic course as an adult. 

To get the technical knowledge in Cosmetics, I have done short cosmetics course. For Handling the Business, Marketing Management from London School of Economics and MA in Business Management from Regents University, London. I want to use my educational background, knowledge and ability to reach out to the world with our range Indian of products. 

That sounds great, but how do you plan to reach out to the masses? What will be your selling point?

When there was no or little technology, the company used the traditional methods of reaching out to the masses. Today, with the advancement of technology and ever since I have taken over, we have taken things to the virtual world. 

With the help of eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Purple, etc., we have made our products available in the Indian market and worked our way to International markets. Even social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook help us promote our products and reach out to the masses. 

What is the company's future, and how do you plan to bring in a new change?

Presently we are into Cosmetics and Ayurveda products. Our product range includes personal, hair, hygiene and men’s grooming products. Some of our most-sold products include- 

• Shaving cream, shaving foam, after-shave lotion, hair gels/ wax for the men

• Herbal and Ayurvedic creams which include Tulsi, neem and turmeric creams and hair removal cream for the women

Apart from the above, we also have unisex perfumes. All our products are very well-accepted in India as well as abroad. Our Brands like EVANI, ICEKING, VECLEAN,CATCH,VETONI WHITE EXPERT etc  are creating their own niche in the market.

However, we also plan to venture into the pharmaceutical and household sectors. We will also be launching a complete range of color cosmetics shortly. With the help of our resources and using them effectively, we have already laid out a plan of action to implement a successful crisis management method. Moreover, we also want to utilize the company’s financial and human resources, along with the materials, machinery, and products, in a better way to have organic and sustainable growth. 

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