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True Power has become the lifeline of every home, industry & all setups: MD Hari Om Tiwari

We have 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants equipped with modern machines and have well-established testing and quality inspection labs, says True Power MD Hari Om Tiwari

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True Power MD Hari Om Tiwari
Image Source : SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT True Power MD Hari Om Tiwari

How long True Power, is in Business, and how did you start initially? Tell us something about your Ups & downs and other Milestones.

We are in business for last more than 18 years. At the time of inception, I was quite young and new to entrepreneurship and the commercial world, but I was too keen and enthusiastic to establish a giant setup and employ thousands of people. I always used to think of helping society and youth by generating job opportunities and helping them accumulate wealth to live a good and responsible life.

As it happens with many, we too have a few lean years before we took a grip on the market and understood the needs of the people to cater to them, and what exactly they were looking for. Finance was also limited in those days, and so were limited the other resources like a good team, good vendors, good orders, and many other things. But, then we were prepared for it and took it responsibly and seriously to put our best and give good value to the clients for their money, no matter whether we make something or not. Even disbursing salary was a challenge in those days. Slowly and steadily we geared up and started getting people’s support, good clients, big orders, and the trust of many to reach where today, we are.

You said True Power has become the lifeline of every home industry & setup. If you could kindly explain a little bit more about it?

Well, True Power today has become vital for every home, office, industry, and setup. Our Chemical Earthing and Lightning Arresters are a must for every structure and set up, no matter whatever it is, from a small residence to a large Palatial palace and from a small office to giant manufacturing or commercial or other setup.

Our Chemical Earthing saves lives and properties from Electrical Fires and other hazards, and our Lightning Arresters save lives and properties from Thunderbolts/Lightning strikes.

But why one should go for True Power Products only?

You asked a very nice question. See, we are RDSO/CPRI approved with UL listing in addition to more than 50+ other approvals from several Govt. and private organizations to our credit. 

Our manufacturing is in-house and every product has to pass hundreds of parameters before being packed. We are successfully serving the industry for more than 15 years. 

We have more than Lakh installations working flawlessly since they are installed. 

And above all, we are customer oriented company with our customers at the core of our heart without any other thing. We don’t mind surpassing any barrier or limitation to meet our customers' expectations, no matter what comes our way.

Don’t you feel these are reasons enough for one to rely on us rather than someone else?

What all products do you have in your basket?

We have 8 different product verticals. 

From Chemical Earthing to Lightning arresters from Transformers to Solar Power from Wires & Cables to Fans & Geysers. We do manufacture Hot Dip Galvanized Structures for Mounting Solar Panels Modules too.

All our products are built to World-Class Standards on state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in compliance with IS/IEC.

Tell us something about your setup.

We have 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants equipped with modern machines and have well-established testing and quality inspection labs. We are proud to have the latest testing gadgets and instruments in our labs which ensures that only a premium quality product with zero tolerance on specifications goes out of our factory.

We have 32 branch offices, 40 service centers, and 1000+ employees, including on-roll and contractual. Our team comprises of the industry’s best talent hired from the leading national and international MNCs. We hire professionals with a proven track record of excellence and a formal qualification from best of the A grade Institutions.

Do you export also?

We are exporting to a few selected countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and a few of middle-east countries. We have recently finalized a joint venture with an Abu Dhabi company and have opened an office there. 

We are very aggressive in spreading our wings internationally. Maybe by the end of this year, we would be having a minimum of 15 overseas branch offices in the leading countries and markets.

Any planning for expansion in India?

Yes, expansion and making the Indian economy grow have always remained at the top of our agenda and our first desire. Recently our CMD Sir, Mr. Rajesh Tiwari Ji, has committed to open a new World-class manufacturing plant employing 100 more people on the company’s roll in Investor Summit 2022, recently held at Barabanki, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, on 19th December 2022.

We are highly aggressive on growing at least 10 times by 2025 over our present stand and that does require rapid expansion and major deals. We are open to joint ventures and takeovers of small groups in line with our core business.

What type of Chemical Earthing Products do you manufacture, and how do you ensure you are manufacturing a quality product to keep you ahead of the competition?

We manufacture and supply World-Class Chemical Earthing Electrodes, enhanced Back Fill Compounds, and Earthing pit covers at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. 

We procure quality materials from the best vendors of international repute with a reliable track record of delivering quality raw materials on time.

Our in-house testing and inspection lab ensures that only premium raw material enters our plant to let us deliver the best product in line with the latest industry standards. We have stage inspections at every stage during production. Every step goes through thorough supervision by the industry's experienced and qualified engineers. 

After manufacturing entire production has to qualify for our inspection and reliability procedure before it is finally sent to the packing department for final dispatch.

We manufacture a couple of different types of earthing electrodes to suit every need, from the common-men requirement with a shoelace budget to the giant MNC that believes in nothing but to deliver only the best without cutting corners. In a nutshell, our earthing electrodes are of 4 different types: Pure Copper, Copper Bonded, GI, and Pipe-in-Pipe. 

A few of our main Earthing Electrodes staying most in demand are

1. Pure Copper Earthing Electrode

2. Pure Copper Pipe-in-Pipe Earthing Electrodes

3. Pure Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode

4. Pure Copper Bonded Earthing Rod

5. Galvanized Iron (GI) Earthing Electrode

6. Galvanized Iron Earthing Electrode with Pure Copper Terminal

7. Galvanized Iron Pipe-In-Pipe Earthing Electrode

How do you maintain a balance between quality and pricing, the toughest part for any entrepreneur?

Nice, you raise a very important question of balancing quality and pricing. But we believe another way round. We believe, whoever needs quality, well understands the pricing also and doesn’t compromise either on quality or on pricing. But, yes there is a handful of clients with such a quality mindset. To your surprise, these handful clients only drive the businesses and dominate the market.

Most clients want quality within their budget, close to the pre-decided price they already have set in their mind. For such clients, we educate them about significance of going for quality and a branded product rather than getting installed any inferior product and then keep repenting for rest of the life because of their poor performance and short service life. 

It’s always better to go once with a branded product rather than wasting your precious time, energy and hard-earned money again and again by going with the local ones.

Earthing is very important in every electrical fitting. How do you ensure safety & Security?

It’s simple. 

An intact earthing with low impedance and proper installation is always safe and secure. We manufacture well, install properly, and hand over only after a proper inspection at the site.

 I will say with True Power Earthing, you stay assured for your appliances and your dear ones from any mishappening, from getting an electrical shock to facing an electrical fire and from malfunctioning appliances to their complete failure. 

With our earthing, neither your appliance fail nor your people get electrical shocks. To a great extent, you stay completely safe from electrical fires and other electricity-related hazards.

Our True Power Chemical Earthing stands for the World- class quality we talk about and the service life we commit to. 

We are approved by RDSO/CPRI, the most stringent approving authorities. Our Chemical Earthing is also approved by several State Electricity Boards like as from State Electricity Boards of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, and Jammu & Kashmir, to name a few here.

With us, you are sound, safe, and secure.

There are several issues in every business. How do you handle new technologies, finance, customer expectations, and online orders?

Oh yes! Every day you get out of bed and come across a new technology. And, as we are a team of technology-driven and highly innovative people, we embrace it as long as it adds value to our clients. We always want to be the first to deliver our clients the latest innovative products to let them stay ahead of the pack. 

Finance was never a constraint for us. Our clients are good they pay us on time and help us stay as a Cash rich company. As long as you deliver value for every penny of the client, they don’t mind paying you at your price, and that too in time.

Surpassing Customer expectations has always remained our forte. We regulary do surveys, make cold calls, pay visits, exchange greetings, and do a lot to stay in touch and understand their buying experience to let us improvise on our products, processes, and dealings. After all, no matter how good we are, we are nothing without our existing clients. New clients are good but old ones are our inspirations, to encourage us always to deliver the best and lead the competition rather than learning from it.

Online Orders, we have to work upon. We don’t have much depth in them.

Which were the turning points in your journey which accelerated your business growth?

They are too many to discuss here. One of our latest turning points is our entry into Home Appliances & Solar business. And, we are sure these two new verticals will not only provide us with good revenue but rather it will provide us greater depth to let us penetrate into local consumer markets, from where we were aloof yet.

However, adding of our every new vertical, from lightning arresters to transformers, to wires & cables, had stayed as our major turning point to give our company the push all companies crave for.

What guidance you would like to give to young business people?

Work smartly but do hard work too. There is no shortcut to hard work and to keep growing and staying ahead. 

Please tell us about your hobbies, traveling, art, culture, social work, еtc.

Well, I am a spiritual person and aesthetic at heart with deep roots in Indian culture, values, and traditions. I travel a lot spreading the messages of Shri Ram and doing Ram Katha. I like visiting Indian ancient sites, temples, and religious places and advocate for carrying our centuries-old heritage, legacy, culture, traditions, and customs. 

I spend a good time reading our Holy Purans, Upanishads, Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, and many more spiritual Granthas. I have my own Youtube Channel to help young minds to go spiritually along with their daily life, the way I am doing for several years. It’s a must to learn from centuries-old scriptures and religious books and embrace our ancient customs, spiritual values, and culture for growing holistically.

Keeping doing Social Work and spending my every moment in humanitarian activities like helping old & poor people, the destitute, and people with economical and other needs, keep me energetic and contended. It helps!

I regularly plant trees and educate people about Green House Effects. I like inspiring people across the globe to take immediate measures to protect our planet from natural calamities and contribute to our society and surroundings. There are many other things, which I think would need some separate sessions with you to talk in length.

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