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Lok Sabha Elections: Nitish Kumar writes 'emotional letter' to people of Bihar, reminds them of 'jungle raj'

In the lead-up to the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections on April 26, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has penned a letter to the public, addressing concerns about the state's past governance issues. In his letter, he reflects on the era of 'jungle raj' and criticised the flawed system.

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Nitish Kumar writes 'emotional letter' to people of Bihar
Image Source : PTI Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

As the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 gain momentum, political parties are ramping up their efforts, especially in Bihar, a state with 40 crucial Lok Sabha seats. Amid this, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has written an "emotional letter" to the people of the state, underscoring the transformation the state has undergone since the tumultuous 'jungle raj' era prior to 2005. Highlighting the strides made under his leadership, Kumar urged voters to support the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), with the ambitious goal of securing victory in all 40 Lok Sabha constituencies of Bihar.

CM invokes memories of RJD's reign

In his letter, Kumar evoked memories of the dire state Bihar was plunged into before 2005 during the RJD's reign. He vividly described a scenario where Bihar's coffers were depleted, basic amenities like roads, electricity, schools, and hospitals were sorely lacking, and the state was plagued by rampant corruption, crime, kidnappings, murders, dacoities, and mafia dominance. "There was no one to talk about basic facilities like roads, electricity, schools, hospitals. Scams, crime, kidnapping, murder, dacoity, massacre, mafia rule etc. had become the identity of Bihar. Industries were closed. Due to fear of criminals, traders and businessmen had fled from Bihar. Moreover, even doctors were getting kidnapped for ransom," he added. 

India Tv - Nitish Kumar's latter to people of Bihar

Image Source : INDIA TVNitish Kumar's letter to people of Bihar

'There was no system in place'

The Chief Minister elaborated that it wouldn't be accurate to claim that the system in Bihar had merely broken down; rather, there was a complete absence of any functioning system at that time. Bihar's residents endured humiliation both nationally and internationally, he added. "However, in 2005, a profound transformation occurred. A beacon of hope emerged as the people of Bihar entrusted the NDA government with the reins of power. With a resolute commitment, they set out to extricate Bihar from the grips of anarchy and chaos, steering it towards a trajectory of progress and development," the letter further read.  

Kumar highlights Bihar's progress and promises future opportunities

Kumar affirmed that the strides made in rebuilding Bihar are evident to all. Substantial progress has been achieved across various sectors, including infrastructure, electricity, water supply, education, healthcare, and law enforcement, he said. The CM said a robust network of roads has been established, accompanied by effective governance measures. Notably, Bihar is now attracting significant investments, leading to the creation of new job opportunities and promising a rise in people's income, he added. Kumar reiterated his administration's commitment to its promise of providing 10 lakh government jobs and an equal number of employment opportunities. Already, thousands of young individuals have secured government positions in education, law enforcement, and other sectors. Looking ahead, the government remains dedicated to extending such opportunities to lakhs more individuals in the future, he noted. 

Kumar on Bihar's substantial development 

In his letter, Kumar highlighted the significant strides made in improving access to education for girls, a feat accomplished through various government initiatives. These efforts have enabled daughters to pursue education and make remarkable progress, he added. Additionally, more than 1 crore 30 lakh women have found support for their families' livelihoods by participating in livelihood groups, he said. Kumar also underscored the increase in farmers' income in Bihar, attributing it to government interventions. The implementation of "Saat Nishchay-2" aims to ensure water access to every farm, a crucial aspect of agricultural development. Furthermore, the government is actively establishing medical colleges in each district of Bihar, ensuring not only free treatment but also the availability of medicines in hospitals, the Chief Minister added. 

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