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February 8, 2016
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Naomi Campbell Honored At Gabrielle Angel Ball

AP [ Updated 18 Oct 2011, 18:34:31 ]
Naomi Campbell Honored At Gabrielle Angel Ball

New York, Oct 18: Naomi Campbell put her bad-girl reputation aside as she was honored by the Gabrielle Angel Foundation.

The supermodel says it meant a lot to her to be recognized by such an important cause.

Campbell had a few scraps with the law, and did community service in New York. But on the red carpet, everyone sang her praises. Kim Kardashian called it “very cool,” La La Anthony said it was amazing, and Eve blamed the press, saying “the media tries to play her out for something else, but she’s a good person.”

Former New York governor David Patterson empathized, “I’ve had a whole year of things being positive, it’s a lot better on the nerves.”

The foundation was created in 1996 by philanthropist Denise Rich after her daughter died of leukemia.

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