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Janet Jackson's Weighty Issues

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PTI [Updated:26 Dec 2011, 23:09:10]

London, Dec 26: Singer Janet Jackson confessed that her weight is what she's been dealing with all her life but she's now on her way to success.

The 45-year-old singer and Nutrisystem spokeswoman has been famous for yo-yo dieting throughout her career.

“My weight is something I've dealt with all my life, and it's been an issue for me,” US magazine quoted her as saying.

“People can relate to me because I have lived it. I truly understand what it's like to have a problem with weight loss, losing too much weight or gaining more than you desire to and becoming unhealthy,” she said.

Although the singer “doesn't want to put a number on how many pounds I want to lose or have lost” she feels “good. This is where I want to be.”

“I still have a ways to go, and there's not a lot that I want to loseb but I'll know it when I reach it,” she said.

She feels that part of the reason for her weight fluctuation is that she's an emotional eater.

“When I'm down or really stressed, I eat because that's my comfort place,” she said.

“I've had a problem with my body image. So that's why it's really really important to get to where you really feel comfortable.”

janet jackson s weighty issues- India Tv
janet jackson s weighty issues