Updated on: October 03, 2022 13:17 IST

Navratri Death Toll: क्या कोरोना का इम्पैक्ट लोगो को आकस्मिक मौत की तरफ ले जा रहा है?

There is no telling when, where and to whom death will strike. Often a person has no idea what will happen to him in the next moment. This is what happened in an incident in Uttar Pradesh. An actor playing the role of Mahabali Hanuman died on stage in Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur district. This incident took place in Salempur village under Dhata police station limits. The whole incident and the death of this person was caught on camera. A 25-year-old youth from Thane lost his life as he forgot everything and danced in the joy of poverty; Actor Ramswaroop suddenly fell from the stage and died on the spot while dancing during the Lanka Dahan program while mourning the family. It is said that the artist died of a heart attack. After this incident there was silence at the scene. The artist’s wife saw all this in front of her eyes and started crying loudly there. The video of this incident is going viral on social media. The police have started an investigation into the matter.#navratri2022 #death #heartattack #indiatv