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Instagram user captures mother's 40-year-old bollywood dream come true moment | WATCH

The woman fulfills her decades-long dream by dancing to the iconic tune of Sridevi's 'Tere Mere Honthon Pe' amidst the scenic backdrop of Himachal Pradesh. Age proves to be just a number as she radiates pure joy.

Edited By: Vaidehi Jahagirdar Published on: May 17, 2024 19:21 IST
Image Source : VIDEO SCREENGRAB A woman fulfils her Bollywood dream into reality in Manali

It's not wrong to say that there's no bigger contentment than fulfilling your childhood dream, and if that's what has been achieved supposedly after 30–40 years, happiness knows no bounds. A recent viral video has become proof of the same, where a woman was seen fulfilling her 40-year-old Bollywood dream by dancing to the tunes of Sridevi's iconic song, 'Tere Mere Honthon Pe Mitwa', with a similar kind of hilly background depicted in the movie. 

Significantly, Aavi Vadekar, a popular content creator, recently posted a video of his mother on Instagram from their trip to Himachal Pradesh. Taking advantage of the occasion and the picturesque view from Himachal Pradesh, Aavi's mother fulfilled her dreams for years. Adorned in a bright red saree, she danced her heart out on late Sridevi's iconic chartbuster 'Tere Mere Honthon Pe', and what was more captivating in the video was her raw, cheerful smile.

Significantly, since being posted with the caption, "Age is just a number to complete your dream Just go for it,” the video has garnered over one million views and thousands of likes and comments. 

Moreover, needless to say, since being posted, the video has garnered tremendous acclaim and praise from internet users. A comment read, "Moms, just being happy is divine.” While many also called Anita Vadekar “the happiest mom on this earth and son doing his best to keep the moment best,”

“Aunty is not dancing; she is enjoying the song,” another user mentioned. 

Popular e-commerce website Ajio wrote, “You see a woman in a saree; we see a little girl living her dream.” 



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