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This waterless toilet turns poop into ash with the touch of a button. Watch viral video

The viral video of the Cinderella Incineration Toilet has generated a lot of interest and discussion online.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: March 27, 2023 19:10 IST
Cinderella Incineration Toilet
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Cinderella Incineration Toilet

Trending News: A video featuring a unique waterless toilet that burns human waste into non-smelling ash has gone viral on social media. The video was shared on the Instagram page @vanwives and has received over 9 million views and 267,000 likes. The toilet is called the Cinderella Incineration Toilet and it works by combining pressure from below with radiant heat to burn waste. Fresh air is then directed into the incineration chamber and exhaust gases are filtered.

The Instagram post that shared the video captioned it with a question about the future: "Can you imagine someone telling you that one day you will be able to burn your poop, touch it & it wouldn't smell?" The video shows a woman explaining how the toilet works. Users need to open up the toilet seat, insert a liner, and press a button to activate the burning process. While the video left many internet users intrigued, some had concerns about the environmental impact of the toilet. One user commented that the energy required to burn waste might be more contaminating than the natural process of decomposition. Another user questioned where the gases from the burning process go.

Despite the questions and concerns, some users praised the toilet and hoped that all toilets would be like it in the future. The Cinderella Incineration Toilet is available in gas and electricity models and provides an environmentally friendly waste disposal solution for on and off-the-grid needs. "Sometimes things that are safe to touch still should not be touched," a user commented. "All poo poo times are pee pee times though...," another user added. "Nevermind, I'll finish my food later," a third joked. "I understand it’s safe to touch but why would you touch it lol," a fourth user wrote. 

Watch the viral video of waterless toilet that turns poop into ash here:

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