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Trap camera captures rare Persian leopard cubs, video to leave you in awe | WATCH

Viral video: Sharing a video of a Persian Leopard with her cubs captured by a trap camera, an Indian Forest Service officer asserted that such documentation helps in understanding and monitoring species in a better way.

Bhagya Luxmi Edited By: Bhagya Luxmi @bhagya_luxmi New Delhi Updated on: October 17, 2023 13:08 IST
Rare Persian Leopard captured by trap camera
Image Source : TWITTER Rare Persian Leopard captured by trap camera

Viral video: Persian Leopards are one of the gems of wildlife that are endangered currently. A video of a female Persian Leopard caught the attention of netizens on social media where she was seen with her cubs. According to Naryn T Rosen, who is a conservationist, the female Leopard is Umeda. She was captured with her cubs by a trap camera set up by Rosen. 

While sharing a video, Rosen informed that she was last pregnant in 2021 and this time she decided to park her small family of three in front of the trap camera for four days. 

Reacting to the videos, Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan said that Panthera pardus tulliana also known as Persian Leopards are endangered species. He further asserted that there are less than a thousand adults on the planet. 

"When a Persian Leopard family decided to make a home in front of a trap camera. The best thing you will watch. Credits to  @NarynTR for raising awareness about them," Kaswan wrote in a post thanking Rosen for the documentation of the Leopard. 

Reacting to the video, one wrote, "Love these big cats. Grown up watching them on Discovery & National Geographic channels." "It's very rare to see 3 cubs for leopard," another wrote. 

"Technology boons helps in learning more about #wildlife Awesome documentation," one more user reacted. 



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