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  4. Man complains about 'dire condition' of AC 3-tier coaches, Railway reacts

Man complains about 'dire condition' of AC 3-tier coaches, Railway reacts

Railway Seva replied to the man's post and offered medical assistance to the woman and her child. The video of the incident has gathered criticism from internet users.

Edited By: Hritika Mitra @MitraHritika New Delhi Published on: April 15, 2024 14:59 IST
The condition of the coach in which the man's sister was
Image Source : @RACHITPJAIN/X The condition of the coach in which the man's sister was travelling was extremely poor.

Indian Railways has come a long way with Vande Bharat trains being launched for the comfort of passengers. Now even bullet trains are being developed for the passengers. Amid all this, X user Rachit Jain posted a video sharing his sister's harrowing experience in an AC 3-tier coach. The post has gone viral on social media with users criticising the Indian Railways. 

According to Jain, his sister faced an extreme overcrowding near the coach doors which made it difficult for her to board. In the confusion, her child was left behind on the platform. In order to retrieve her daughter Jain's sister jumped from the moving train leading to her suffering injuries. 

Sharing the experience on social media platform Jain wrote, "I must bring to your attention the dire state of 3AC coaches. Today, my sister faced a harrowing experience while trying to board a train. Overcrowding near the gates prevented her from entering, and in the chaos, her child was left on the station platform." He further wrote, "She had no choice but to risk her safety by disembarking from a moving train to retrieve her child, resulting in injuries. It's alarming that passengers paying for comfort are enduring such hardships, including no access to basic facilities like washrooms." 

"It's evident that unauthorized passengers without tickets are also occupying space within the train, exacerbating the situation. Please send railway police or ticket checker  to  solve the chaotic situation promptly," he further wrote in his post. He wrote, "Urgent action is imperative to ensure a safe, comfortable journey for all passengers."

Railway Seva responds to Jain's post

Commenting on the post, Railway Seva requested Jain to share his phone number. "Kindly specify if any medical assistance is required." 

One of the users wrote, "Why is indian railways issuing more tickets ? Why this much crowd is allowed to board the train .. Dear Government we are observing these crowd related videos almost daily.. Please work towards better rail experience.. Not everyone can afford air travel plus we do not have airports at all the cities of India ... If you want to make Rail travel enjoyable experience please start from having a check or limit on folks boarding the train." Another user wrote, "This is the part completely ignored by railways.. Many complaints of overcrowding by unreserved in AC nd sleeper coaches."

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