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  4. Lion drags away elderly man after he enters enclosure, viral video horrifies netizens. Watch

Lion drags away elderly man after he enters enclosure, viral video horrifies netizens. Watch

The viral video of Mike Hodge's lion attack is not for the faint-hearted. Viewer discretion is advised.

Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: May 03, 2023 13:30 IST
lion attacks man
Image Source : TWITTER lion attacks man

Trending News: It's a known fact that lions are some of the most ferocious creatures in the wild, and surviving an attack by these beasts is highly unlikely. In fact, the chances of survival are estimated to be just 25%. These predators are known to be merciless, and their prey often ends up being a lifeless carcass that has been ripped apart. It's said that the only real hope for a human being caught in such a situation is that the predator loses interest before killing them.

Mike Hodge is one of the lucky few who lived to tell the tale of a horrific lion attack in South Africa in 2018. However, the viral video of the attack which has resurfaced is not for the faint-hearted. Viewer discretion is advised. The then 67-year-old Hodge, who is the British owner of the Makarele Predator Centre in Thabazimbi, had entered a lion enclosure during the day when the attack happened. Witnesses who saw the incident unfold were heard screaming in fear as they watched Hodge being mauled and dragged away by an adult male lion.

In the video, the elderly man can be seen slowly approaching a lion inside the enclosure. Suddenly, the big cat turns around and starts racing towards him before dragging him away from the enclosure gate. The clip is brief, but it's enough to send chills down one's spine. After the attack, Hodge was left with severe injuries to his neck and jaw. He was filmed lying motionless on the ground before being rushed to a hospital. He spent several days recovering in the hospital, and pictures of him smiling despite his injuries circulated online.

Watch the viral video of lion dragging away elderly man after he entered its enclosure here:

It was reported that Hodge had gone inside the enclosure to inspect a smell that was upsetting one of the lions. He and one of his rangers were a little concerned about the smell and had gone in through the gate to investigate. The lion, however, had been put on edge by their presence and had turned on Hodge when he tried to leave.

The lion responsible for the attack was put down, but the incident had already left a lasting impact. The video of the attack has resurfaced online, leaving viewers horrified and in disbelief. The incident serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers of interacting with wild animals and the importance of exercising caution around them.


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