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Seat struggle saga: Woman's train seat occupied, Railways come to the rescue | WATCH

A Twitter outcry prompted railway intervention as a confirmed seat on the YNRK-HWH Express train is occupied, leading to swift resolution by RPF officials and sparking public outrage over overcrowding on Indian trains.

Nitin Kumar Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 New Delhi Published on: February 20, 2024 9:04 IST
Indian railways
Image Source : X/@AVOID_POTATO Woman's train seat is occupied; railways come to the rescue.

In a recent incident highlighting the ongoing issue of overcrowding on trains, a passenger's confirmed seat on the YNRK-HWH Express train was occupied by multiple travelers. The incident occurred on February 18, prompting the aggrieved passenger's sister, who uses the handle @Avoid_potato on X, to share the ordeal on social media.

Twitter outcry

Taking to Twitter, the passenger's sister narrated the incident and posted videos of the occupied seat. Despite having a confirmed reservation, her sister found the seat taken by a family. Requests to vacate the seat were allegedly denied, forcing her sister to sit on the upper berth with three other passengers.

Railway intervention

Facing distress, the passenger's sister sought assistance online, sharing screenshots of her ticket and conversation with her sibling. Suggestions poured in, advising her to contact Rail Madad for assistance. Railway Seva, the official support account for passengers, responded and promptly dispatched Railway Protection Force (RPF) officials to resolve the issue.

Seat vacated in 20 minutes

Thanks to the swift action of the RPF, the occupied seat was vacated within 20 minutes, bringing relief to the distressed passenger. In a subsequent update, the woman expressed gratitude towards Indian Railways for their prompt intervention, ensuring her sister's safety and comfort.

Public outrage

The incident sparked outrage among internet users, highlighting the pervasive issue of overcrowding and seat mismanagement on Indian trains. Many lamented the frequent occurrence of such incidents and criticized the lack of adequate measures to address the problem, underscoring the challenges faced by passengers, particularly in northern India.

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