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Housing society bars Zomato and Swiggy agents from accessing lifts; internet is divided

A housing society's notice forbidding Zomato and Swiggy representatives from using elevators sparked outrage on social media. Check out.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Updated on: November 23, 2022 20:51 IST
Housing society bars delivery agents from using lifts
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/ABINANTH05 Housing society bars delivery agents from using lifts

Delivery agents are a true saviour when it comes to getting anything at our doorstep when we cannot step out. Their profession requires them to work in all weather conditions and under all circumstances. However, a lot of the time, their efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated. Now, a notice stuck to a housing society lift’s door is doing the rounds on the internet, and it has infuriated netizens. The post is going viral on the internet. 

On Tuesday, IAS officer Awanish Sharan took to his Twitter account and shared a notice placed in a housing society. The notice stated that the use of the lift by anyone other than building residents is prohibited. It goes on to say that Swiggy, Zomato delivery executives, and other delivery agents are among those who are not permitted to use the lift.

The post divided the internet and prompted a discussion. Netizens flocked to the comment section to express their opinions on the matter. One user wrote, "The one those who have posted this notice should also post another notice which states that people ordering food from Zomato/Swiggy should come to collect their staff from the ground floor of the apartment. Otherwise it will be very unfair towards the Zomato/Swiggy people." Another user wrote, "I have seen different service lifts for delivery boys etc in many societies right next to the lifts for residents so that the lifts are not held up the whole day for residents."

A third user wrote, "This discrimination is disgusting, to say the least! If the flat owners don't want delivery people to use their lift, why don't the owners come down from their high houses and fetch their own packets."

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While some people believed that forbidding delivery agents from using lifts was extremely discriminatory, others pointed out that some societies have different service lifts for agents and referred to it as only half the truth.

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