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FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar tournament has 'uninvited guests', netizens call them 'show stealer'

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has been taken over by some uninvited guests, who have impressed netizens. Check it out.

Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 09, 2022 21:19 IST
FIFA World Cup: Qatar tournament has uninvited guests
Image Source : TWITTER/@REUTERS FIFA World Cup: Qatar tournament has uninvited guests

FIFA World Cup 2022: The Qatar tournament is in full swing and the ardent fans are enjoying the big event after a long four-year wait. Now that the last eight teams are ready to compete against one another, the competition has reached its business end. The clubs are putting their best foot forward as they fight for the championship. However, there are certain unwelcome visitors who are stealing the show and doing so gracefully.

If you shift your gaze away from the action on the field for a second, there have been numerous instances of cats taking the spotlight by interrupting press conferences and invading stadiums and training sessions. While cats are a regular sight on Qatari streets, their unexpected appearance in a stadium has raised eyebrows.

A video uploaded on Twitter by Reuters shows cats invading the tournament and renaming it the 'Cat-ar World Cup.' Well, given how cats have taken over the stadium, the title is oddly appropriate.

The video has gone viral and netizens have expressed their thoughts in the comments. One user wrote, "Cats are awesome. Yay cats." Another user commented, "cats are ready." A third user wrote, "already taking over the world."

Recently, a cat interrupted a press conference of FIFA World Cup 2022. The cat sat quietly on the guest table. After that, a press representative from Brazil handled the matter and removed the cat. However, the way he handled the matter was not well received by the people present. The press officer picked up the cat by the fur on its back and tossed it over the front of the desk. The reporters in attendance could be heard gasping in surprise. He instantly asked for the next question to dispel the embarrassment.

As soon as the video surfaced on the internet, it sparked outrage, with people emphasising that the press officer should not have treated an animal in such a way.

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As of now, Croatia are taking on Brazil in the quarters. It is the clash of two greats, Neymar Jr. and Luka Modric, but only one of them will go ahead in the race for World Cup glory, and for the other, it'll just be sheer heartbreak.

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