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'May be deepfake': Delhi Metro responds to viral video of women performing obscene Holi dance inside train

The viral video depicts two women seated inside a metro coach engaging in an indecent act of applying colors to each other on a moving train.

Edited By: Arushi Jaiswal @JaiswalArushi New Delhi Updated on: March 24, 2024 13:43 IST
Delhi Metro, DMRC
Image Source : SCREENSHOT Screengrab from the viral video

Delhi Metro viral video: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has raised doubts regarding the authenticity of a viral video featuring two girls applying Holi colour to each other inside a coach while a Hindi film song plays in the background. The DMRC is analysing the video for the alleged violation of its policies.

Women engaged in an indecent act of applying colours on each other on a moving train has gone viral on social media with many expressing their disapproval of such behavior within the confines of public transportation. 

Here's what DMRC said on viral video 

In a statement about the video, the DMRC on Saturday said, "Prima facie, the authenticity of the shooting of this video inside the metro also seems doubtful as deepfake technology may have been used to create this content." 

The DMRC has condemned the video and urged passengers not to create such content that may inconvenience other commuters. "Through innumerable campaigns and commuter awareness drives, we have tried to raise awareness among passengers requesting them not to make reels or indulge in any activity which causes inconvenience to fellow commuters. We also request fellow passengers to inform us immediately the moment they see such shoots being conducted," the DMRC said.

It said that the DMRC is absolutely not in favour of such reels being made on its premises.

Watch viral video here: 

In the viral video, it can be seen that two women clad in traditional attire sitting on the floor inside a metro train and applying colour on each other in a fashion similar to the way the two actors in the song do. With their faces already covered in colour powder, they appear to be an intimate celebration of Holi inside the metro coach, while a Bollywood song "Ang Laga De" plays in the background.

Further in the video, they are rubbing their faces and engaging in other provocation actions, such as attempting to kiss and pretending to sleep on each other. Additionally, the clip shows other passengers in the background appearing visibly uncomfortable as the entire act unfolds.

Viral Video sparked widespread outrage on social media

The clip quickly provoked a significant backlash online, with netizens urging the Delhi Metro authorities to take action against such public displays. Several individuals took to social media platforms to voice their concerns, calling for swift action from the authorities.

“We need a law against this asap”, wrote an X user. Another said, “I am embarrassed just seeing this video! Imagine the people in the background”.

One X user wrote: “No law required. Just a charge of 1 lakh per 15 seconds would suffice.”

Another user called for the girls' arrest for indulging in such activities on public transport.

One of the X users, said "I got too uncomfortable watching this."

“I feel really sorry for the people who had to witness it in the train and unable to do anything to stop them,” wrote one user. 

Another sarcastically commented, “Delhi Metro now offering Oyo-like facilities for free? Can’t wait to see if they throw in some room service too!” A third exclaimed, “Disgusting.”

“Delhi Metro should fine these cringy people. Metro or any public place is NOT for their cringe videos," another user said.

(With PTI inputs)

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