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  • Oscar Pistorius leaving the North Gauteng High Court in

    South Africa's Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, jailed for murdering girlfriend, to get early parole

    Other Sports | Nov 24, 2023, 07:18 PM IST

    The Gold medalist at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games and the former World champion was convicted in the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on February 14, 2013 and is facing a 15-year jail term.

  • state applies for leave to appeal pistorius sentence

    State applies for leave to appeal Pistorius sentence

    Other Sports | Dec 10, 2014, 05:19 AM IST

    Pretoria: The state presented its application for leave to appeal South African athlete Oscar Pistorius's sentence and conviction at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria Tuesday.Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through

  • pistorius lawyers ask judge to reject state appeal

    Pistorius lawyers ask judge to reject state appeal

    Other Sports | Nov 19, 2014, 04:11 PM IST

    Stellenbosch, South Africa: Oscar Pistorius' lawyers have filed court papers asking a judge to reject prosecutors' attempts to take the athlete's case to South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal.Pistorius' lawyers say that Judge Thokozile Masipa

  • pistorius prosecutors file appeal papers

    Pistorius prosecutors file appeal papers

    Other Sports | Nov 04, 2014, 09:51 PM IST

    Stellenbosch, South Africa: Prosecutors in the Oscar Pistorius case filed appeal papers Tuesday, saying they believe a judge did not correctly apply the law when she found the Olympic athlete not guilty of murder for

  • 2016 rio games organizers would welcome pistorius

    2016 Rio Games organizers would welcome Pistorius

    Other Sports | Oct 28, 2014, 11:49 PM IST

    LONDON: Brazilian Olympic and Paralympic organizers say Oscar Pistorius would be welcome to compete at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro if the South African runner is declared eligible.The double-amputee athlete began a five-year

  • steenkamp cousin pistorius apology not genuine

    Steenkamp cousin: Pistorius apology not genuine

    Other Sports | Oct 16, 2014, 02:53 PM IST

    PRETORIA, South Africa: Reeva Steenkamp's cousin says Oscar Pistorius must "pay for what he's done" and testified that she didn't believe the athlete's courtroom apology to the family of the woman he killed was sincere. Kim

  • reeva steenkamp s death ruined family court hears

    Reeva Steenkamp's death ruined family, court hears

    Other Sports | Oct 16, 2014, 11:01 AM IST

    Pretoria: Oscar Pistorius "ruined our whole family" when he killed Reeva Steenkamp, a South African court heard today, as prosecutors turned the spotlight firmly back on the victim in a last-ditch attempt to secure a

  • oscar pistorius faces sentencing this week

    Oscar Pistorius faces sentencing this week

    Other Sports | Oct 12, 2014, 08:02 PM IST

    JOHANNESBURG: Oscar Pistorius faces sentencing this week in a South African court after being convicted of culpable homicide for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.The sentencing of the double-amputee athlete is expected to involve several days of

  • south africa prosecuting authority unhappy with pistorius

    South Africa prosecuting authority unhappy with Pistorius judgement

    Other Sports | Sep 12, 2014, 11:10 PM IST

    Pretoria: South Africa's top prosecuting authority Friday expressed its disappointment on not being able to secure a conviction on the original charge of premeditated murder against paralympian Oscar Pistorius.Pistorius shot his girlfriend dead through a

  • oscar pistorius can compete again in paralympics

    Oscar Pistorius can compete again in Paralympics

    Other Sports | Sep 12, 2014, 10:03 PM IST

    London: Oscar Pistorius will be free to compete again once he has served any punishment for killing his girlfriend, the International Paralympic Committee said Friday.   The South African double-amputee runner was found guilty of culpable

  • judge pistorius is guilty of culpable homicide

    Judge: Pistorius is guilty of culpable homicide

    Other Sports | Sep 12, 2014, 03:51 PM IST

    PRETORIA, South Africa: A South African judge on Friday found Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide, or negligent killing, in the shooting death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and declared him not guilty of murder. Judge Thokozile

  • meet oscar pistorius the usain bolt of paralympics

    Meet Oscar Pistorius, the Usain Bolt of paralympics

    Other Sports | Oct 13, 2014, 09:59 AM IST

    New Delhi: Being handicapped must be very depressing, but some are bold and strong enough to convert their weakness into strength. One big example is South African sprinter, Oscar Pistorius.Born on 22nd November 1986, he