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  • channing tatum s gambit to start filming in october

    Channing Tatum's 'Gambit' to start filming in October

    Hollywood | July 28, 2015 7:43 IST

    Los Angeles: The spin-off to "X-Men", "Gambit" starring Channing Tatum, will reportedly start filming in October in New Orleans.News website Showbiz411 claims they received a casting call for "Gambit" under the title "Chess". The characters

  • jenna dewan tatum keen to revive acting career

    Jenna Dewan-Tatum keen to revive acting career

    Hollywood | July 13, 2015 14:31 IST

    London: Actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum, wife of actor Channing Tatum is willing to revive her acting after her TV series "The Witches of East End" was cancelled last year.The 34-year-old actress recently said that she would

  • oscar awards liam neeson nicole kidman gwyneth paltrow

    Oscar Awards: Liam Neeson, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow among presenters

    Hollywood | February 16, 2015 23:19 IST

    Los Angeles: Actors Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman, Liam Neeson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Channing Tatum have joined the growing list of presenters at the forthcoming 87th Academy Awards.According to the awards' official

  • channing tatum fatherhood is like garage work

    Channing Tatum: Fatherhood is like garage work

    Hollywood | February 08, 2015 6:53 IST

    Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Channing Tatum has said he felt more like a garage worker changing a tyre than a father when he first became a parent.His wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum gave birth to the couple's

  • jupiter ascending movie review a tedious affair with faulty

    Jupiter Ascending movie review: A tedious affair with faulty script

    Hollywood | February 06, 2015 23:32 IST

    With directors Lana and Andy Wachowski helming this project, "Jupiter Ascending" is a perfect example of the phrase, "too many cooks spoil the broth".This ridiculously convoluted sci-fi tale with a love story thrown in and

  • steve carell s foxcatcher role creeped out his parents

    Steve Carell's 'Foxcatcher' role creeped out his parents

    Hollywood | January 06, 2015 17:12 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Steve Carell's role in "Foxcatcher" as convicted murderer John du Pont "creeped" out his parents.The former "Office" star said his parents weren't used to seeing him in a disturbing light, reports accesshollywood.com."I

  • steve carell on foxcatcher co stars we didn t bond

    Steve Carell on 'Foxcatcher' co-stars: We didn't bond

    Hollywood | January 05, 2015 12:44 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Steve Carell says while filming “Foxcatcher” he didn't hang out with his co-stars Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo.The 52-year-old told the Guardian's G2 that he didn't interact with them much, reports dailymail.co.uk.“I

  • mark ruffalo and channing tatum cried filming last scene of

    Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum cried filming last scene of 'Foxcatcher', says director

    Hollywood | December 21, 2014 18:36 IST

    Los Angeles: Actors Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum cried after filming their final wrestling scene in “Foxcatcher”, says director Bennett Miller.Speaking at the AFI Silver Theatre after a screening of the film, Miller told the

  • foxcatcher set for january 2015 release in india

    'Foxcatcher' set for January 2015 release in India

    Hollywood | December 08, 2014 15:59 IST

    New Delhi: "Foxcatcher", inspired by real life incidents in the lives of Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz and his brother Dave, will release in India in January next year.After having a limited release in November in

  • channing tatum likely to take a break

    Channing Tatum likely to take a break

    Hollywood | December 08, 2014 6:39 IST

    Los Angeles: If reports are anything to go by, actor Channing Tatum is planning to take a break from films.According to a source, the 34-year-old will take a six-month break from Hollywood so that he

  • channing tatum reid carolin to co direct leonard peacock

    Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin to co-direct 'Leonard Peacock'

    Hollywood | November 23, 2014 17:43 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum and filmmaker Reid Carolin have been roped in by the Weinstein Company to co-direct and produce the film “Leonard Peacock”, an adaptation of Matthew Quick's YA book "Forgive Me, Leonard

  • channing tatum s wife keeps him sane

    Channing Tatum's wife keeps him 'sane'

    Hollywood | November 14, 2014 13:43 IST

    New Delhi: Actor Channing Tatum says that his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum keeps him sane and helps keep everything in perspective for him.“She keeps us all sane. Jenna puts everything in perspective for me, always. I'll

  • 22 jump street success is such a sham channing tatum

    '22 Jump Street' success is 'such a sham' : Channing Tatum

    Hollywood | November 13, 2014 17:49 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum is in shock with the success of his film "22 Jump Street" and calls it "sham".The 34-year-old, whose movie grossed $330 million worldwide, told Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show Wednesday

  • channing tatum takes wife s approval for stripping scenes

    Channing Tatum takes wife's approval for stripping scenes

    Hollywood | October 14, 2014 14:07 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum takes his wife approval before he shed his clothes for the movie "Magic Mike".The 34-year-old, who reprises his role as Mike Lane in forthcoming sequel “Magic Mike XXL”, shows all

  • channing tatum loves to be fat and happy while not working

    Channing Tatum loves to be 'fat and happy' while not working

    Hollywood | September 16, 2014 18:49 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum says that he gets "fat and happy" when he's not working on a movie because he "loathes dieting".The 34-year-old, who is married to his “Step Up” co-star Jenna Dewan-Tatum, has

  • when channing tatum spread skin disease

    When Channing Tatum spread skin disease

    Hollywood | July 01, 2014 11:07 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum, who loves to be outdoor, returned home with a skin disease and transmitted to his family memebers. After a recent camping trip, the "22 Jump Street" actor suffered poison oak and

  • movie on gambit is happening channing tatum

    Movie on Gambit is happening: Channing Tatum

    Hollywood | June 10, 2014 18:42 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum says a movie based on comics character Gambit is very much in the works and currently lawyers are doing the relevant paperwork.The 34-year-old says that at the moment the movie

  • felt like fat kid at buffet channing tatum

    Felt like fat kid at buffet: Channing Tatum

    Hollywood | May 22, 2014 16:20 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum felt like a "fat kid at a buffet" when he was offered four "great" movies back-to-back.The 34-year-old has been working hard for the past 18 months while he was busy

  • channing tatum and wife jenna dewan have come closer after

    Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan have come closer after daughter's birth

    Hollywood | March 09, 2014 12:18 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna feel closer ever since they have become parents to nine months-old daughter Everly.Jenna says having a daughter has led them to "communicate" differently, reports femalefirst.co.uk."You become

  • tatum entertains daughter with beatboxing

    Tatum entertains daughter with beatboxing

    Hollywood | October 04, 2013 10:06 IST

    Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum likes to entertain his four-month-old daughter Everly by beatboxing to serenade her until she falls asleep, said his wife and actress Jenna Dewan.Jenna revealed this during her appearance on "The

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