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USHA SI Techne Direct 1000 garment steamer under Rs 4,000: 10 pointer review

If you are looking for a budget-friendly steam iron, then USHA has got a new SI Techne Direct 1000 garment steamer, which has been designed for summer and winter clothing altogether. Here is our full review to let you know if you should buy the steamer.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: February 14, 2023 10:13 IST
USHA SI Techne Direct 1000 Garment Steamer
Image Source : USHA USHA SI Techne Direct 1000 Garment Steamer

When it comes to technology, everything is advancing- from smartphones, earphones, smart lock systems, smart homes and more. Most things are getting smaller and more portable. It certainly is making a great value addition to the users, as the long wait for smarter devices and gadgets is over, and now people will not have to depend on others to do their work. 

Now, let me tell you about something which people prefer to get in the clothing store rather than at home, which is steam-ironed clothes, which have no wrinkles or folds. These clothes are being steam ironed, while being hanged. Many people once, were very tempted by the technology and often wanted to get one for homes, but if I talk to you about half a decade back, it was expensive, but now, things are different, and many companies are offering the technology at the same price point. Similar is the case with our recently reviewed steam iron from Usha, which could be found in the e-commerce sites by SI Techne Direct 1000 Garment Steamer.

Below is our quick review to let you know how the steamer works in the home environment and if it is a value-for-money device or not.

  1. The steamer is convenient to use and could be used by teens as well as adults. It feels safe and could be handled well, as per my experience. 
  2. I reviewed the product for a couple of weeks to iron shirts, kurtas, and dresses while hanging- there will be trouble if you do not have a hanging coroner for your clothing- which is rare in today’s household in India. But if you get one, near a switchboard, then this could be a lifesaver.
  3. This steam iron certainly does not give strain to your back- for bending and rubbing the iron on your clothing (when we use a basic and common iron). And because of the vertical steam facility, it is easy to remove wrinkles and needs no ironing board.
  4. The steam consumes 920 W power and delivers a steam output of up to 21 gm/min which enables your clothes to have a quick wrinkle-free look, in just a few minutes. I used it according to the instruction and it was perfect for my cotton clothes. It also worked well with linen, silk and nylon clothing- as it does not burn and we do not have to worry about sticking and burning on the clothing. It is very safe for clothes- making it look like it has been dry cleaned 
  5. The steamer comes with a 1.8 m long 360-degree swivel cord, which gives enough flexibility to the user to use the device comfortably. Also, the wire is comparatively longer than expected, which indeed is a plus point and enables the   user to use the device efficiently 
  6. In the box, we get a detachable fabric brush too for a better experience beyond steaming. This brush helps in remove lint from your clothing- I tried it on, with my coats and sweaters, and was really impressed, how without any time, this device removed all the extra unwanted lint from my sweaters, making them as good as new. 
  7. The best feature of the steamer is the overheat shutoff thermostat for safety- which enables the device to deliver as much hearting, hence, a very compatible and handy device indeed!
  8. For steam, we have 200 mL of the water tank in the steamer, which is enough to set a few clothes wrinkle-free. It will get a little heavy- just like a glass of water, but with time, during the steaming of your clothing, it will get lighter. It will get heavy, but not uncomfortable.
  9. The steam iron comes with 2 year of product warranty. 
  10. Verdict: 

Overall, the Usha Techne Direct 1000 garment steamer comes in a purple and white colour combo and is very handy to use. The device could be a lifesaver for many materials like cotton, linen, silk, nylon and more. It is a good and handy device, and when needed, it could work perfectly for your fancy clothes, where iron may fail- like lehenga, zari clothing, sherwani, fancy saree and suit, etc.

At the time of writing, we found out that the steamer is being sold at various price tags like- Rs 3,249 on Amazon, Rs 3,999 on Reliance Digital, and Rs 3,299 on Flipkart ( by the time of writing).

Just like I mentioned above, talking about half a decade back, it would have looked tough, but at this price point, a steam iron for the home could be just perfect and could deliver a dry cleaning kind of experience, along with lint removing feature, which makes it ideal for your winter and summer clothing. Overall, it looks like a good product to have, as per my experience.





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