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LG AI dual inverter AC Experience (April-May)

Our hands on experience with LG AI dual inverter AC Experience. We did a detailed experience for the month of April and May to let you know if the AC is worth your money.

Saumya Nigam Written by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: May 23, 2022 11:38 IST
LG AI dual inverter AC Experience (April-May)

LG AI dual inverter AC Experience (April-May)

It's been boiling for the entire of April and I am sure everyone must be wondering what would happen in May, June and July as well. It's scary as the temperature is rising to a level as close as 50 degrees in the NCR region. Indeed, we need a cooling device which might act as a saviour and should not make holes in the pocket. 

Certainly, the market holds a number of devices which claims to perform well, but are they up to the mark when we speak of the pricing? 

I recently got my hands on LG Electronics' new AI dual inverter AC which the company launched recently and experienced it and compared it to the other AC which we have in the market right now and how AI dual inverter AC claims to be different. Below is our 7 pointers quick review of our hands-on experience on how the AC performed in the month of April 2022:

  • Installation: It was quick from the company and having a split AC installed is always a task as it requires a lot of breakages. But certainly, the service people of LG were quite professional and did not do much of the breaking at the walls of my house and installed the air conditioner in just a matter of 2 hours. So when we speak of installation, I would certainly give it 8/10. This is a must to mention that the service centre representative was very humble and calm. They explained the functioning of the remote control and how to cool the room with less power consumption, which indeed was quite helpful. 
  • Cooling: Well, I have a 2 bhk apartment and have installed the AC in my master bedroom. I have started to use the ac with the capacity of 40% and it worked really well. My room got cooled up within 15 minutes and could beat the heat even after I entered your house after an entire day of hustle. 
  • Power consumption: This indeed was to my surprise that the dual inverter AC was a great performer when it comes to cooling and along with that, the electricity consumption was way too less than expected. I used the AC for the entire day to be precise and it did not consume much power when used at the capacity of 40%.
  • Easily operated remote: Well! The commands on the AC remotes are quite easy to understand and one can use them easily. You can set the temperature and ac usage capacity accordingly. There are multiple modes which make vary from season's requirement, and user could easily set the AC accordingly
  • Cooling: This is the best part which I would highly highlight that the ac can cool your room at the temperature of 25 degrees easily. This temperature can cool your room to 40% of capacity and it takes hardly 10-15 minutes to make you realise the difference.
  • Noise: The split AC has a very silent performance, and it works really smoothly. You will find no sound whatsoever when you use it- gives you zero disturbance while using. I used the AC continuously during my meetings, and my calls, and even switched it on for the entire night and it worked smooth and had no sound. 
  • Space Acquired: It hardly takes much space, as this dual inverter AC from LG Electronics takes very little space in your room and looks really nice. The design indeed has been crafted for today’s requirements.
  • Pricing: The new LG AI dual Inverter AC has been priced in India under the 50K range and comes with the 5-star property, which certainly is the top of all the performance grade of the air conditioner rating. It further features AI DUAL Inverter, AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling, Artificial Intelligence Cooling Mode, ADC Sensor, 4 Way Swing, and HD Filter with Anti Virus Protection- which a customer of today's time demands.

The above pointers are on the practical experience basis on the performance of AC in the month of April and May, when the summers are at peak in the NCR region. So far, this AC has been an incredible performer for a master bedroom and the cooling is indeed fast. It consumes very less electricity units, and the settings could be modified as per the requirement, as the AC comes with as many as 6 modes to deliver, what a user requires, with less power consumption and a great cooling experience.

Keep reading our upcoming analysis on the performance of AI dual inverter AC for the upcoming month (June) to know if it is still doing the justice with our electricity bills and cooling. 



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