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Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 Review: Combating pollution with style

The Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 immediately captivates with its futuristic design reminiscent of beloved animated robots. Functionally akin to Wall-E, it diligently tackles air pollution, making living in cities like Delhi NCR and other metro cities bearable.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: March 21, 2024 11:22 IST
Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1
Image Source : FILE Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1

The outdoor AQI has been rising and further impacting indoor air quality and causing several breathing-related issues. This kind of weather has been impacting old people and kids living in the areas- majorly metros of the country. To fight the concerning health issue Dyson has unveiled the new Purifier Cool Gen1 in the Indian market. The recently added purifier has been priced at Rs 33,900 (by the time of writing on Chroma). The company claims that the machine aims to cater diverse needs of consumers by ensuring optimal air quality for creating a healthier home environment. The air purifier can efficiently capture 99.95% of pollutants as tiny as 0.1 microns utilizing its HEPA H13 filter. 

We reviewed Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 and used it for more than a month, analysed the performance, and here is our experience.

Design and Build

Dyson has launched this purifier with its hallmark design- with a tall and compact shiny look. It is sleek and has been designed for any living space- home or office. Besides the tall profile, the air purifier remains lightweight and portable, which is a testament to Dyson's engineering skills. 

This purifier is available in white colour only, which will certainly need a regular check as it may get dusty and will be very much visible on the glossy tall vent.

Functionality and Features- Simple yet powerful

The air purifier is equipped with a 360-degree rotation capability and has a minimalist remote control. The Cool Gen1 distributes the purified air equally and the intuitive LCD screen provides the machine the vital air quality information. Although this purifier can be connected with the MyDyson App, it cannot be controlled by the same, unlike other air purifiers available from the company. 

One can set up the machine smoothly, with easily accessible filters for maintenance (placed on the bottom of the machine, which vacuums the impurities around the area.

Performance: A solution to a lot of air pollution

It was recently reported that the capital of the country is the most polluted city in the world which has been choked with so many pollutants in the environment. Because of this, people have been facing a lot of breathing issues and a lot of lung-related concerns as well. 

The Cool Gen1 purifier works to reduce air pollution levels swiftly and it could be used for a longer using experience.

It is worth noting that the new purifier will not only combat external pollutants but will also help to purify the indoor air quality as well. Due to cooking, cleaning, and other household activities- the air around the closed house will also be clarified by using the Cool Gen1 purifier, making the environment healthy and pollutant-free. It reduces sleep by reducing respiratory distress as well.

Noise Levels

Though the Cool Gen1 purifier excels in performance when we speak of vacuuming the impurities from the environment, it does have some noise levels which might be a little disturbing the people who are light sleepers. Even at low-level fan speed, the machine emits notable sound- which might be troublesome for some people.

Cooling Air limitation

Some of the existing Dyson air purifier models come with both- hot and cold air modes, but the new Cool Gen1 is restricted to circulating room-temperature air only- making it slightly uncomfortable to use in the extreme winter season but could fit in for summers and monsoon easily.

Verdict: Worth the Investment

Overall, the premium Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 is a good investment for your home or work- where it prioritizes clean air for improved health. It looks very premium and gives an aesthetic appeal to your home decor for sure. This device is perfect for individuals who are sensitive to air pollution, smoke, smog, and other pollutants which are not visible to our naked eyes.

This machine indeed is a perfect fit for any household in the metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and more- where the pollution levels are higher. Also, giving a premium feel, this certainly will catch a lot of eyes, making it a noticeable machine in your home decor as well. 

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