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Sachin Tendulkar shares anecdotal on how his aunt helped him improve backfoot defence

Celebrating his aunt birthday at her Dadar home, the Indian cricket legend turns nostalgic recalling how he used golf ball to work on his backfoot defence during school days.

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New Delhi Published on: October 21, 2020 20:47 IST
sachin tendulkar
Image Source : GETTY IMAGES

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has been enjoying his life to the fullest since retirement in 2013 and has been often seen engaging with fans through various social media platforms from time to time.

And on Wednesday the Master Blaster shared a video on Facebook celebrating his aunt’s birthday at her home in Mumbai’s Dadar recently. Sachin revealed it is the same home where he has spent four years of his school life and recalled how his aunt was instrumental in helping him improve his backfoot defence.

The 47-year-old Indian cricket icon said his aunt used to throw a gold ball at him for hours in his room, which he showed in the video, while he worked on his soft-hand backfoot defence.

“This is the same apartment where I spent four years of my school days. I grew up here and the same room where I used to practice backfoot soft-hand defence and that time I used to practice with a golf ball. And my aunt, who is sitting at the same spot, used to throw the ball at me to bat,” Sachin said in an over-a-minute long video, where his aunt could be seen holding the red cricket ball.

The 2011 World Cup winner also said he used to do knocking for hours in the room by hanging a seasoned ball by the sock in the room.

“In the same room, I used to hang a seasoned ball in the room with the help of a sock and practice for hours. It’s nice to see my aunt, who is holding a seasoned ball, is willing to chuck few balls at me even at this age,” he said.


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