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Highlights, IPL 2018, Match 55: Bowlers help Delhi Daredevils dash Mumbai Indians' hopes with 11-run win

Delhi have played the party spoilers to shut the doors for Mumbai! Cutting's flourish at the fag end almost took them over the line but he was probably left with too much to do.

India TV Sports Desk Reported by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: May 20, 2018 21:11 IST
Live Cricket Score, IPL 2018, Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai

Live Cricket Score, IPL 2018, Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians, Match 55


Delhi have played the party spoilers to shut the doors for Mumbai! Cutting's flourish at the fag end almost took them over the line but he was probably left with too much to do. This is only the second time since 2009 that the defending champions have failed to make it to the top four. Credit to the hosts for playing with authority. Mumbai got off to a brisk start but they also kept losing at regular intervals. Lewis was going great guns and it seemed that he will take the game away from the opposition. However, Amit Mishra was in his elements and got rid of the big West Indian. The leggie bowled with needle-like precision and ended with figures of 4-0-19-3. The man who made a difference in the visitors' last game, Pollard, failed to deliver today. It was Maxwell's brilliance in the field which sent him packing. Cutting came in and hit a few lusty blows to keep the visitors on track. He had an opportunity to become the hero but failed to overcome the last hurdle. A disappointing end to an eventful season for Mumbai. Amit Mishra has been awarded the Man of the Match for his terrific spell. His figures of 4-0-19-3 choked Mumbai and eventually, helped his side win the game. That's it from us. Switch over to the next game where Chennai play host to Punjab. Thanks for joining us. (SCORECARD) (IPL Full Coverage)


20.05 IST: Delhi Daredevils (174/4) beat Mumbai Indians (163-all out) by 11 runs at Feroz Shah Kotla. Mishra 3/19, Lamichhane 3/36, Lewis 48. Bumrah OUT! That's the final nail in the coffin! MUMBAI FAIL TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Fullish delivery, Bumrah goes hard at it but mistimes it towards long on. Boult takes a couple of steps in and takes an easy catch. DELHI WIN BY 11 RUNS!

20.01 IST: OUT! Harshal Patel removes Cutting for 37. That's probably the game for Delhi! Cutting gave it is all but had to do too much. Slower ball outside off, Cutting swings at it but ends up miscuing it towards deep mid-wicket. Maxwell is cool as a cucumber and takes it with ease. Mumbai Indians 163/9 in 19.2 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (174/4) at Feroz Shah Kotla.

20.00 IST: SIX! Whoaaa! What a hit in a pressure situation! The big Aussie is in the mood tonight and is also displaying nerves of steel. Short delivery, sits up nicely for him. He pulls it with aplomb over fine leg and clears the fence with ease.

19.59 IST: Jasprit Bumrah is the new man in.

19.58 IST: OUT! Boult removes Markande for 3. Bowled 'em! Boult delivers a low full toss on off, Markande makes room and tries to go over covers but misses to find his stumps shattered. The 35-run stand from 25 balls comes to an end. Is it enough to take the visitors over the line? Mumbai Indians 157/8 in 19 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (174/4) at Feroz Shah Kotla.

19.48 IST: FOUR! Bang! Full on off, Cutting hammers this over his partner, down to long on for a boundary! 4, 6, 4! Are Mumbai pulling off a heist?

19.46 IST: SIX! That has gone a mile! On a length again, outside off, Cutting lofts this with ease over long on for a biggie! 28 needed from 16 balls! Rohit looks pumped up in the Mumbai dugout.

19.44 IST: FOUR! Wrong line! A short ball, on middle and off, Cutting walks across and pulls it past short fine leg for a boundary! 34 needed from 17 now.

19.43 IST: SIX! In the arc, out of the park! This is what Cutting can do. He adds insult to injury. On a fullish length around off, Cutting smokes it over long on for a biggie. MI 136/7 in 16.5 overs.

19.33 IST: Strategic break taken. Meanwhile, Mayank Markande comes out to bat.

19.32 IST: OUT! Mishra removes Hardik Pandya for 27. With that, probably Mumbai's hopes have gone down the drain! Mishra has been sensational and he has struck gold once again. Mishra bowls this one well outside off. Pandya tries to fetch it from there and has a wild swing at it but only manages a top edge towards backward point. Tewatia (sub) is calm and pouches it safely. Mumbai Indians 122/7 in 14.5 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (174/4) at Feroz Shah Kotla.

19.27 IST: Ben Cutting is the new man in.

19.26 IST: OUT! Harshal Patel removes Rohit for 13. Gone! The Mumbai skipper fails to deliver once again. Important breakthrough for the hosts. Slower length ball on off, Sharma goes for the loft down the ground but is early into his stroke. Ends up mistiming it towards long on. Maxwell runs to his left, keeps his eyes on the ball, takes the catch. Has the presence of mind to flick it back to Boult who is waiting to take it. Mumbai Indians 121/6 in 13.5 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (174/4) at Feroz Shah Kotla.

19.19 IST: FOUR! What a way to finish the over. Poor delivery and duly punished! Down the leg side, Pandya works it through backward square leg and the ball races to the fence. MI 116/5 in 13 overs.

19.15 IST: FOUR! Beautifully executed! Low full toss well outside off, Sharma knows that short third man is inside the circle. He maneuvers the field and gets it past the left side of the fielder to find the third man fence.

19.12 IST: Boult comes back for a bowl.

19.10 IST: FOUR! 10 in 2! He is relishing the leg spin of Lamichhane. Slow through the air, Pandya goes inside out over wide mid off. Boult runs to his left, dives but fails to stop the boundary.

19.08 IST: SIX! Clean as a whistle! Flighted delivery on middle and off, allows Pandya to get underneath it. He clears his front leg and lofts it over long on for a maximum. Hit that with a lot of confidence.

19.06 IST: Jason Roy is giving an interview to Kevin Pietersen. Admits that it has been a frustrating season for Delhi and himself. On his own form, he says that he got a niggle, hence was out of the side. On his biggest learning from this season, he says that he has understood the art of spending time in the middle. Says that he is going back home tonight and hopes that he is picked up by Surrey to play for them in the next game against Middlesex. If not, he says he will spend time improving his performance in golf.

19.04 IST: Hardik Pandya comes in now, to replace his brother.

19.03 IST: OUT! Lamichhane removes Krunal Pandya for 4. Second wicket in the over! Lamichhane does a half Tahir. Does not quite run around the ground but does half a marathon nevertheless. This was faster than the previous one, Pandya just pushed it towards cover. Failed to keep it down and the substitute Rahul Tewatia took a straightforward chance. Half the side back in the hut. Mumbai Indians 78/5 in 9.4 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (174/4) at Feroz Shah Kotla. 

19.02 IST: FOUR! Not a bad start. Full and down the leg side, Pandya sweeps this powerfully through fine leg. The fielder rushes to his left and dives but in vain.

19.01 IST: Krunal Pandya walks in at number 6, replacing Pollard.

19.00 IST: OUT! Lamichhane removes Pollard for 7. An Aussie joins hands with a Kiwi to dismiss a West Indian and grab a wicket for an Indian side! What a catch. Simply superb. First the ball. A tossed up one, around leg stump. It entices Pollard to go big and the big man accepts the challenge. He steps away to the leg side and looks to go big. Seems like he has cleared long on but well - not Max. Glenn Maxwell at long on leaps to his left, takes the catch but then realizes that he is losing balance with the ropes close to him. Immediately throws the ball to Trent Boult running across from long off and the catch is taken! Pollard walks back with a bemused look while Boult and Maxi celebrate! Now the entire Kotla erupts after seeing the replays - the big man is gone. Both West Indians gone in the space of 2 balls... Mumbai Indians 74/4 in 9.1 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (174/4) at Feroz Shah Kotla.

18.58 IST: Rohit Sharma does come out to bat now, at number 5, replacing Lewis.

18.57 IST: OUT! Mishra removes Lewis for 48. Gone, stumped! Lewis is out of here and Mishra has his second. He has prized out his victim. He was desperate to have Kieron Pollard on strike as the latter was not picking him but he has got the big wicket of Lewis. It is the wrong 'un and Lewis comes down the track and looks to go big. He misses but Pant doesn't. Whips off the bails in a flash. Mishra's figures read 2-0-12-2!!! Mumbai Indians 74/3 in 9 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (174/4).

18.56 IST: SIX! THUMP! What a controlled shot. Full and around leg, Lewis gets down and sweeps it over square leg. The ball lands flat on the advertisement boards beyond the ropes but the umpire is not sure. He has it checked and replays confirm that it is a biggie.

18.52 IST: Liam Plunkett to Kieron Pollard, 2 runs. On the pads, flicked towards square leg where some average fielding by Prithvi Shaw allows the second run. MI 62/2 in 8 overs.

18.41 IST: Kieron Pollard at number 4? Wow. Rohit has his plan set. Attack the leggie.

18.40 IST: OUT! Nearly a six! Nearly a drop! But it is nicely picked in the end! Vijay Shankar is the man. He dropped an easier one of Lewis (which might cost him the match) but has taken two breathtaking catches. Floated on middle and leg, Kishan straightaway is down the track. Wants to go over the leg side but the ball hits the lower part of the bat. Hence, he does not get enough elevation. The ball goes flat towards wide long on where Vijay Shankar steadies himself, takes the catch, then loses balance. Almost crosses over but he hops once, twice and thrice and in the final hop, stays inside and balances himself. Mishra is happy but Kishan will feel a bit unlucky there.

18.30 IST: SIX! Well, this one has bounced over the ropes!!! What an over - 16 from this one, 33 off the last 2! Mumbai are back in this. Flighted outside off, Lewis comes down the track and sends it sailing over long off! Well, that might be the end of Maxwell with the ball for the tournament... MI 50/1 in 5 overs.

18.29 IST: FOUR! A long hop again, this time Lewis swivels and pulls it over square leg! Has it gone the distance? The umpires refer it upstairs and replays show that it has just bounced before crossing over. MI 44/1 in 4.5 overs.

18.28 IST: SIX! Iyer has taken a big risk by giving this over to Maxwell and Lewis has pounced. A tossed up ball outside off, Lewis comes down the track and sends it sailing over long off! MI 40/1 in 4.2 overs

18.27 IST: Glenn Maxwell is brought back. Patel was taken for a ride as he leaked 17 runs.

18.25 IST: SIX! That was smacked really hard by Lewis. A short delivery by Patel and this was blasted. MI 33/1 in 3.5 overs

18.24 IST: FOUR! Up and Up. Close and the fielder was on the run. Couldn't take the catch, neither stop it from crossing the fence. MI 27/1 in 3.4 overs

18.22 IST: FOUR! Harshal Patel comes into the attack and is greeted by a boundary by Evin Lewis. Good length but pasted for sure. MI 21/1 in 3.1 overs

18.19 IST: Another brilliant over by Maxwell, three runs off it and keeping in mind, three overs of the powerplay have gone. Mumbai need some fireworks right now. MI 17/1 in 3 overs

18.18 IST: Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack. 

18.17 IST: Brilliant over by Boult. Just one run off it. Got Ishan on the defence all this while. MI 14/1 in 2 overs

18.16 IST: Ahh.... squared him up. Full and around middle, Kishan looked to defend but there was just an element of away movement, which induced the edge towards mid off. MI 14/1 in 1.3 overs

18.14 IST: Trent Boult comes into the attack

18.12 IST: OUT! Not the best of balls but not the best of shots either. Suryakumar goes back and tries to whip it over the leg side but hits it in the air, with lesser power. For a second, it seems like the ball is landing in no man's land but Vijay Shankar comes running in from long on and takes a very good catch! A rare failure for Surya - body blow for Mumbai. MI 12/1 in 0.4 overs

18.09 IST: SIX! That has been blasted. On a googly, Not easy but Suryakumar made it look easy. Short ball again, down the leg side and Yadav pulls it over backward square leg. What is next? MI 10/0 in 0.2 overs

18.09 IST: FOUR! How's that for a start. Suryakumar finds the gaps and smashes that. A long hop, could have been hit anywhere. Surya picks his spot and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. MI 4/0 in 0.1 overs

18.08 IST: The players are already back on the field. Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis are the openers for Mumbai while Sandeep Lamichhane will start off proceedings with the new ball.

18.06 IST: 175 is the target needed for Mumbai to get through to the Playoffs. Unlike previous seasons, they do not have a specific over range within which to do it - full quota of 20 overs is allotted. But they have obstacles - a slowish pitch and captain Rohit Sharma injured. Will he bat? Well, the openers can capitalize on the new ball in the Powerplay and take the slowness of the pitch out of the equation somewhat and make life easier for the other batsmen.

18.00 IST: 

17.56 IST: 

17.53 IST: A swing and a miss to end the innings. Another cutter from Cutting, Abhishek looks to mow this but misses. The batsmen take a quick bye and DELHI FINISH ON 174/4! Delhi Daredevils score 174/4 in 20 overs against Mumbai Indians at Feroz Shah Kotla. Pant 64, Shankar 43*, Krunal 1/11

17.51 IST: SIX! GLORIOUS! Great timing. On a length, on middle, Shankar just lofts it straight back and this time the ball clears long on with ease! DD 172/4 in 19.4 overs

17.49 IST: FOUR! Magnificent shot! On a length, on middle, Shankar just whips it off his hips through square leg and beats Bumrah's dive in the deep!  IPL Live Score - DD 164/4 in 19.1 overs

Ben Cutting to bowl the final over. Meanwhile, ROHIT SHARMA IS OFF THE FIELD. He is receiving treatment on his left shoulder.

17.44 IST: DROPPED! But has Rohit hurt himself? In all likelihood, YES. A high full toss outside off, Shankar steers it straight to Rohit Sharma at point. He gets down to take the catch but the ball slips out. He then falls awkwardly on his left shoulder and grimaces in pain. A single taken in the meanwhile. An erratic Bumrah over, but still only 8 runs from it. DD 159/4 in 19 overs

Jasprit Bumrah is back on.

17.38 IST: SIX! Holy moly! What a shot. On a length, Abhishek swings it miles over mid-wicket! IPL Live Score - DD 148/4 in 17.4 overs

17.35 IST: 

Abhishek Sharma comes in at number 6, replacing Pant.

17.32 IST: OUT! Finds the man this time! Rohit will be relieved. He has got perhaps the only wicket his side needed in this game. Pant's heroics end. A tossed up ball, around off, Pant swings hard, looking to go over long on but finds Kieron Pollard at the fence. End of a fine knock - 64 from 44 balls. Has given some respectability to the total. Delhi Daredevils 139/4 in 16.5 overs vs Mumbai Indians

Krunal Pandya is back on. One of our mates, Sanju is not too happy with this decision as he reckons spinners go for plenty at this stage. Let's see...

17.28 IST: SIX! Effortless! On the pads, Pant whips this over mid-wicket and gets half a dozen! DD 136/3 in 15.4 overs

17.27 IST: FOUR! LEG BYES! Bad line, down the leg side, Pant misses his flick but the ball goes off his pads past short fine leg.  Delhi Daredevils 130/3 in 15.3 overs

17.24 IST: SIX! This time it was hit with disdain from Pant, he deposits it in the stands. Don't bother googling the phrase - it means no worries in African language. Well, that is exactly what Rishabh Pant is making his supporters feel - don't worry while I am there. A length delivery, on middle and off, Pant looks to play the reverse sweep, does play the reverse sweep and the final result is a maximum over third man! DD 126/3 in 15.1 overs

Hardik Pandya time.

17.23 IST: 

17.22 IST: FOUR! Another off-cutter, moving away from the batsman, Shankar throws his bat at it and gets a thick outside edge which flies through the vacant slip cordon to the third man fence. 13 from the over, but not exactly a bad one from the Fizz.  IPL Live Sore - DD 120/3 in 15 overs

17.21 IST: FIFTY! Rishabh Pant slams 8th half-century of his IPL career. Yet another one for him. What is it? 5th 50-plus score in the last 7 games! Outstanding. On a length on middle, Rishabh drives this straight back. Mustafizur sticks out his right hand but is unable to stop it. The ball is diverted towards mid-wicket and the batsmen take a single. The scanty crowd applauds Pant for his wonderful knock. Both batsmen meet midway and Shankar congratulates Pant.  Delhi Daredevils 116/3 in 14.5 overs vs Mumbai Indians  

17.16 IST: Oopss... Mustafizur is in trouble. He is on his haunches and eventually sits on the ground, checking his left ankle. Seems to be in a bit of discomfort and the physio is out in the middle.

17.15 IST: SIX! Oh my word! Pant has treated Mustafizur like a bowling machine. Another off-cutter from the Fizz but it is Pant who cuts all the watchers into half in awe. He has clearly foxed again but continues to go through with his swing. Somehow, the bat makes contact with the ball and as if some spring is attached to the willow, the pressure released takes the ball into oblivion at mid-wicket! Trent Boult in the dressing room is in shock as well. Finally applauds.  IPL Live Score - DD 113/3 in 14.2 overs

The Fizz time. Mustafizur Rahman is back on.

17.13 IST: Another magnificent over from a world-class bowler. Banged in short, Pant pulls it through mid-wicket for a run. Just 4 from the over but Delhi's plans or any other team's plans seem to be pretty clear - play Bumrah out, do not give him any wickets and attack the rest. DD 107/3 in 14 overs

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! No... there is no explosion... just that the DJ at the ground is creating vibrations by yelling... BUMRAH! BUMRAH! BUMRAH! Mumbai will look for an explosion of wickets.

17.06 IST: Time for a break. A discussion. What should we do? When do we go big? Who do we bowl in the final three overs? What is a good score on this wicket? Let the guys on the field keep contemplating as I head off for a quick break...

17.02 IST: SIX! A boundary after 16 balls! On a length, on middle, Shankar just eases it over mid on and guess what, it goes over long on! The cameraman was panning at the sky and for a second we thought gravitational force was not active... till the camera panned into the stands... DD 98/3 in 12.1 overs

17.01 IST: IPL Live Score - DD 92/3 in 12 overs

16.58 IST: 

16.56 IST: Good over from Cutting, just three runs from it. DD 86/3 in 11 overs

Ben Cutting is back on.

16.48 IST: FOUR! Hammered! Short of a length ball well outside off, Shankar slaps it through backward point to find the fence. DD 80/3 in 9.2 overs

Vijay Shankar comes out to bat. The batsmen did not cross. Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya is back for a bowl.

16.44 IST: OUT! Iyer holes out! Mumbai keep on chipping away at the wickets at regular intervals. Googly on a shorter length, spinning in. Iyer rocks back and goes for a pull but doesn't time it that well. Krunal Pandya is standing near the ropes and is cool as a cucumber. Takes the catch and maintains his balance.  Delhi Daredevils 75/3 in 9 overs vs Mumbai Indians

16.42 IST: FOUR! Hit with disdain! Markande drags his length back, Pant pulls it over square leg and beats the man in the deep. DD 72/2 in 8.2 overs

16.38 IST: FOUR! Shot! Short delivery and offers a lot of width, Pant rises on his toes and whacks it through backward point to pick up another boundary. IPL Live Score - DD 65/2 in 7.2 overs

16.35 IST: 

Strategic break takenMeanwhile, Ben Cutting is introduced into the attack.  

16.33 IST: SIX! This young man is oozing a lot of confidence! Skips down the track to a tossed up ball on middle and tonks it over cow corner. The timing is spot on and it clears the fence with ease. 14 from the leggie's first over. DD 60/2 in 7 overs

16.32 IST: FOUR! Duly punished! Half-tracker on leg stump, Pant stands tall and hammer-pulls it through the backward square leg to find the ropes. DD 52/2 in 6.3 overs

Mayank Makrande will have to bowl now..

16.26 IST: FOUR! All about power! Back of a length outside off, Pant with an extension of his arms crunches it past the diving cover fielder to pick up his first boundary. DD 43/2 in 5.1 overs

Rishabh Pant comes out to bat.

16.22 IST: OUT! Bumrah strikes! He is the go-to man for Mumbai and he is producing the goods. Gets the crucial wicket of the dangerous Maxwell. Goes wide of the delivery and bowls a skiddy full-length delivery around off, Maxwell with minimal foot movement tries to hit it down the ground but only manages to get an inside edge. The ball hits the pads and then deflects onto the stumps. A good cameo from Glenn comes to an end. Delhi Daredevils 38/2 in 4.3 overs vs Mumbai Indians

16.20 IST: FOUR! Brilliant! He is a dangerous player. In the arc for Maxwell around off, he hammers it over mid-off for a one bounce boundary. He hit that with a lot of swagger. DD 37/1 in 4.1 overs 

Shreyas Iyer is the new man in.

16.15 IST: OUT! Shoddy stuff from Shaw and he is out of here! That was absolutely poor. On a length outside off, placed towards Hardik Pandya at backward point. Shaw has come out of his crease and the fielder spots that. Aims at the bowler's end and puts in an accurate throw. Prithvi is still walking back and the ball hits the bull's eye. Delhi Daredevils 30/1 in 3.1 overs vs Mumbai Indians

16.14 IST: A run-out appeal is referred upstairs. Casual stuff from Prithvi Shaw and it seems like he is a goner.

Mustafizur Rahman to have a bowl now.

16.13 IST: FOUR! Short ball down the leg side, Shaw pulls it towards backward square leg. Bumrah runs to his left and puts in a swimming pool dive and allows the ball to go through.  DD 30/0 in 3 overs

16.11 IST: FOUR! Sublime! This time he commits himself to it and gets the desired result. Fuller in length outside off, Maxwell leans ahead and stroke it through extra cover to find the fence. He is looking in good touch.  DD 25/0 in 2.4 overs

Hardik Pandya comes into the attack. He is the leading wicket-taker for Mumbai this season and will want to put in another good performance.

16.08 IST: FOUR! Mumbai haven't hit the mark correctly and are paying the price. Length delivery, down the leg side, Maxwell clips it fine and the ball whistles away to the fence.  Delhi Daredevils 20/0 in 2 overs vs Mumbai Indians

16.06 IST: FOUR! Flashes and flashes hard! That could have been a spectacular catch if he took that. Shortish ball well outside off, allows Shaw to free his arms. He throws his bat at it but gets a thick outside edge. Suryakumar at first slip leaps but the ball goes past him like a tracer bullet. DD 13/0 in 1.2 overs

Jasprit Bumrah to share the new ball from the other end.

16.03 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery and duly punished! Half-tracker down the leg side, Maxwell picks it up and swipes it past short fine leg for a rocketing boundary. Good start for Delhi. DD 9/0 in 1 over

15.57 IST: We are set to get rolling. Prithvi Shaw and Glenn Maxwell are the openers for Delhi. Krunal Pandya to begin the proceedings with the ball. Here we go....

15.56 IST: 

15.55 IST: Mumbai skipper, Rohit Sharma, says that it looks like a dry pitch and they need to play good cricket. Mentions that they have to restrict the opposition to as low as possible and chase the total down. Announces that Mitchell McClenaghan is suffering from a shoulder niggle and Mustafizur Rahman replaces him.

15.52 IST: Delhi skipper, Shreyas Iyer, says that they will bat first. Mentions that there is no grass on the wicket and they will try to put a good score on the board. States that it will be a challenging game and they will give their best. Informs that there is one change - Liam Plunkett comes in place of Avesh Khan.

15.47 IST: Mumbai Indians Playing XI: Suryakumar Yadav, Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan (wk), Rohit Sharma (C), Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Ben Cutting, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahman

India Tv - Mumbai Indians Playing XI

Image Source : IPLT20

Mumbai Indians Playing XI

15.45 IST: Delhi Daredevils Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Shreyas Iyer (C), Rishabh Pant (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Abhishek Sharma, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra, Liam Plunkett, Sandeep Lamichhane, Trent Boult

India Tv - Delhi Daredevils Playing XI

Image Source : IPLT20

Delhi Daredevils Playing XI

15.30 IST: IPL Toss! Delhi Daredevils win toss, elect to bat against Mumbai Indians at Feroz Shah Kotla.

15.25 IST:

15.15 IST: 

15.00 IST: 

14.50 IST: 

14.35 IST: 

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Indian Premier League as Delhi Daredevils host defending champions Mumbai Indians at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in New Delhi. You can catch all the live scores, live IPL updates, current scores and match updates here.

The TOSS will take place at 15.30 PM IST whereas the match will commence from 16.00 PM IST.

Brief Preview: Back in their element at the business end of the tournament, defending champions Mumbai Indians will be firing on all cylinders against wooden spooners Delhi Daredevils in their bid to clinch a playoff berth in a must-win IPL encounter at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in New Delhi.

The cash-rich league is still alive and kicking with only Sunrisers Hyderabad (18 from 13 games) and Chennai Super Kings (16 from 13 games) having clinched playoff spots. In the mid-table clutter, Mumbai Indians are among the four teams who are at 12 points and fighting for a spot in the play-off. READ FULL PREVIEW HERE


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