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Talwars Refute CBI Version Of Events

New Delhi, Feb 11: The Talwar couple has refuted each and every version of CBI which casts doubts on Aarushi's parents for her's and Hemraj's murder: Aarushi Bedroom key -- CBI version -- The key was

PTI [ Updated: February 11, 2011 11:18 IST ]
talwars refute cbi version of events
talwars refute cbi version of events

New Delhi, Feb 11: The Talwar couple has refuted each and every version of CBI which casts doubts on Aarushi's parents for her's and Hemraj's murder:

Aarushi Bedroom key -- CBI version -- The key was under the pillow of Nupur talwar. After the incident keys were found in the lobby. Talwars could not explain whether they had locked room at night and why key was not traceable in the morning.   Talwars version -- The door was opened by Nupur on 15th may at 11 p.m . After switching on the router in Aarushi's room the door was automotically  shut and the key was left behind in the latch.

Scene of crime -- CBI version -- Scene was heavily dressed up which could have only done by parents. Talwar's version -- The conclusions are drawn on inferences drawn after seeing photographs.

Aarushi private parts -- CBI version -- Aarushi body undisturbed on bed despite use of violent force. Postmortem suggests cleaning of private parts. Talwar's version -- The report is lacking details which CBI is trying to insert.

Wounds -- CBI version -- 2 types of weapons , one heavy blunt and other sharp and light instrument. Blunt injury was caused first and was sufficient to cause death. Talwar's version -- This is factually incorrect.

Terrace door -- CBI version -- Door to terrace was locked for first time ever. Talwar's version -- CBI has no evidence. The  key was in the bunch that Hemraj carried which has not been recovered till date.

Blood Stains -- CBI version -- Dr. Rajeev varshney and Dr. Rohit kochar came across bloodstains of the locked terrace door . They also saw wiped blood footmarks on the upper staircase. On 17th may Dr. Sushil chaudhary telephoned K K Gautam who went up the stairs . Talwar's version -- No member of UP police revealed existence of blood stains or wiped bloodstains . We do not know K K Gautam and he had come voluntarily accompanying a visitor.

Scotch at Dining table -- CBI version -- Presence of scotch bottle without glasses on dinning table with blood of both victims suggests inmates . It is unlikely that intruder would drink liquor after commiting 2 murders. Talwar's version -- If we are involved in any kind of dressing up of scene we would have removed this piece of evidence .

Diversion of Police immediately after incident -- CBI version -- When police arrived on 16th may they were immediately diverted by parents and sent to search for Hemraj. Dr. Rajesh talwar also ignored request for providing the key to open the teerace lock. Talwar's version -- At no time we ignored any request for providing the key to open terrace lock Nothing stopped police from breaking open padlock on wooden door.

Golf clubs -- CBI version -- Experts have measured the golf sticks and dimesnion of striking surface. Dimensions of striking surface of golf club number 5 are idnetical to dimensions of injury found on both victims . In photograph of Hemraj room taken on 1st june only one golf stick is visible. A golf stick was detected by Talwar themselves . Two of the golf clubs were found to be cleaner than others. Talwar's version -- An inspector from CBI was present in the house when we were shifted on 7th may, 2009. The discovery of the golf club from the loft was not unknown to CBI .

CBI believes the circumstantial evidences are not clinching :

1. Router activity -- Rajesh talwar was active on internet till around midnight. Router remained active with small gaps with last activity at 3.43 a.m when the router was switched off .Experts were unable to explain the activity satisfactorily.

2. Scene -- No blood of Hemraj found on bedsheet and pillow. No evidence to prove Hemraj was killed in room.

3. Clothes -- On the clothes of Dr. Rajesh talwar only Aarushi blood was found but no trace of Hemraj blood .

4. Weapons -- Murder weapons were not recovered . One of murder weapons sharp edged instrument has not been recovered till date. No bloodstain or DNA of the victim in golf stick.

5. Scotch bottle -- The fingerprint could be identified.

6. No witnesses -- Offence occured in enclosed flat , hence no eye witnesses are available .

7. Security guards -- Guards of the colony are mobile during night and at the entrance no entry was made.

8. Missing clothes-- Bllod soaked clothes of offenders and clothes used to clean blood from flat and stair case are not available.


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