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False narratives on CAA, farm laws a conspiracy to create political instability: PM Modi

BJP's 41st foundation Day: PM Modi said that false narratives are being built on farm laws, CAA, labour laws. He said that it is a conspiracy to create political instability in the country.

Reported by: India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 06, 2021 13:47 IST
BJP foundation day

Rumours being spread on CAA, agri laws, reservation to create political instability, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday lashed out at the opposition parties for spreading rumours on CAA, agriculture laws and labour laws. Addessing the party workers on the occasion of BJP's 41st Foundation Day, PM Modi said that false narratives are being built, be it about farm laws, CAA, labour laws, adding that it is a conspiracy to create political instability in the country.

"Today, rumours are being spread... sometimes on CAA, sometimes on agricultural laws, sometimes on labour law. Every BJP worker has to understand that there is a well-intentioned politics behind it, this is a big conspiracy," he said.

"Its purpose is to create political instability in the country. Therefore, various rumors are spread in the country, confusion is spread. It is sometimes said that the constitution will be changed. It is said that the reservation will be abolished. These are all lies," the Prime Minister added.

He asked party members to be alert about them and go among the masses to spread awareness. Opposition parties have criticised the laws on citizenship, and farm and labour reforms over a number of issues, including some which the prime minister has often rejected as blatant lies. 

He also hit out at those who have often dubbed the BJP as an "election-winning machine" over its poll triumphs, and accused them of double standards, saying rival parties and their leaders are lauded when they win. These people do not understand the maturity of Indian people and its democracy, and nor do they appreciate citizens' hopes, expectations and dreams, he said. 

“If BJP wins polls, it’s called poll winning machine, but if others win, there’s appreciation. People who say this don’t understand India’s Constitution," he said. "The BJP is a continuous movement to win people's hearts as it serves people for five years honestly, be in the government or outside".

The Prime Minister also expressed gratitude towards BJP party workers whose hard work and honesty has allowed the party to reach to a position where it is today. 

“The last 41 years show that working hard for the people can make an organisation reach unimaginable heights," he said and went on to highlight that there is no state or zila in the country that has not seen BJP presence, spanning over generations. He also remembered party veterans like LK Adavni and paid tribute to everyone who has devoted their lives for the party work.

He said that during a crisis like Covid-19, a new India was born through the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. He said that within its short existence, AtmaNirbhar India has already impacted all sections of the society like the poor, women, dalits etc. From providing them toilets to giving them a home to live, the BJP has connected with the poor like no other party, the PM said.

The 41st Foundation Day of BJP coincides with the ongoing Assembly polls in four states and one Union Territory. To mark the foundation day, various programmes will be organised at the booth level and glorious history, evolution, ideology, and commitments of the party will be discussed through webinars at the state and district levels.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was founded as Bharatiya Jana Sangh by Syama Prasad Mookherjee in 1951. Later it was merged with several parties in 1977 to form the Janata Party.

In 1980, the National Executive Council of the Janata Party banned its members from being 'dual members' of the party and the RSS. Consequently, the former Jana Sangh members left the party and floated a new political party. Thus, the BJP came into existence on April 6, 1980. 

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