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Parliament security breach HIGHLIGHTS: Delhi Police teams interrogate parents of Sagar Sharma, Amol Shinde

Delhi Police teams on Sunday visited Maharashtra and Lucknow and interrogated the parents of Amol Shinde and Sagar Sharma respectively in connection with the Parliament security breach incident.

Edited By : Nitin Kumar, Ashesh Mallick
New Delhi
Updated on: December 17, 2023 22:59 IST
Image Source : INDIA TV New Delhi: Security personnel at the Parliament House complex during the winter session.

Parliament security breach LIVE updates: In the ongoing investigation into the Parliament security breach case, a sixth arrest has been made, revealing intricate details of the alleged conspiracy. Mahesh Kumawat from Rajasthan's Nagaur, the latest suspect, had reportedly been in contact with other accused for two years, contributing to the plot. Additionally, he stands accused of destroying mobile phones to eliminate evidence.

The accused, hailing from different states—Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar—remain in police custody as the probe expands. Delhi Police teams have been dispatched to their respective states to delve deeper into the December 13 incident.

Mahesh Kumawat, aged 32, was remanded in Delhi police custody by Special Judge Hardeep Kaur. The public prosecutor asserted that the accused aimed to "create anarchy in the country" to force the government into meeting their "unjust and illegal demands."

As the investigation broadens, the Special Cell of Delhi Police collected CCTV footage from inside and outside Parliament on Saturday. BJP MP Pratap Simha, who authorized visitor passes for the trespassers, is expected to provide a statement.

In response to the breach, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla formed a "High Powered Committee" to review and enhance Parliament complex security. This committee supplements the ongoing investigation led by the CRPF director general.


Parliament security breach probe

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  • 8:15 PM (IST) Posted by Ashesh Mallick

    Delhi Police team reaches Maharashtra, interrogates accused Amol Shinde's parents

    Amol Shinde, one of the accused in the Parliament security breach incident, is from the Latur district of Maharashtra. Today a team of Delhi Police came to interrogate his parents. Sources said that both of them were interrogated by the police for about 40 to 45 minutes. Amol Shinde is a resident of Jhari village in the Latur district. Today a Delhi Police team consisting of an officer and two constables reached Latur and recorded the statement of his parents. To avoid any problem regarding language, the team that came from Delhi had taken along two employees from the local police station. According to sources, after examining and examining the documents lying in the house for about 40 to 45 minutes, the team left for Delhi.

  • 7:34 PM (IST) Posted by Ashesh Mallick

    Delhi Police leaves Sagar Sharma's residence after probe

    Delhi Police left from accused Sagar Sharma's residence in Lucknow after investigation.

    "Delhi Police said that Sagar Sharma had bought the shoe from Sadana Footwear. Delhi Police got Sagar Sharma's family members talking to him through video conferencing. After investigation that lasted for more than half an hour, Delhi Police left from Lucknow," sources said.

  • 6:16 PM (IST) Posted by Ashesh Mallick

    Special Cell officials interrogate accused Sagar Sharma's father

    The Special Cell officials reached the residence of accused Sagar Sharma in Lucknow and interrogated his father in connection with the Parliament security breach case.

  • 6:14 PM (IST) Posted by Ashesh Mallick

    Police officers reach accused Sagar Sharma's residence to interrogate father

    The police officers reached the accused Sagar Sharma's residence to interrogate his father in connection with the Parliament security breach incident. The police did not don the uniform and went to the residence in a civil outfit. Accused Sagar is not with the police at present. It is yet not clear where these officers have come from, sources said.

  • 5:11 PM (IST) Posted by Ashesh Mallick

    Cong says PM 'running away from debate' to avoid questions on BJP MP's role

    The Congress on Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of running away from a debate on the security breach in Parliament and said the reason for it is that questions will be raised on the role of the Mysuru BJP MP in facilitating the entry of those who jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber. The opposition party's attack came after Modi said the seriousness of the security breach in Parliament cannot be underestimated and called for no squabbling over the issue amid the Opposition's protests over it in Parliament.

  • 12:02 PM (IST) Posted by Nitin Kumar

    Parliament security breach LIVE: Delhi Police adds Section 201-B (Tampering with Evidence) in FIR

    In the ongoing investigation of the Parliament security breach case, Delhi Police has included Section 201-B (Tampering with Evidence) in the First Information Report (FIR). The move comes as a response to the deliberate and calculated actions of the accused, Lalit, who intentionally acquired phones from all four suspects, systematically destroyed them, and set them on fire to eliminate any potential evidence.


  • 10:47 AM (IST) Posted by Nitin Kumar

    PM Modi reacts to Parliament security breach incident, says 'need to go to the root cause'

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for the first time, reacted to the incident of security breach in Parliament on December 13. While speaking to a daily (Dainik Jagran), PM Modi said it was a sad incident. He asserted instead of arguing or protesting on accident, it is necessary to go deeper into it. READ MORE...


  • 9:48 AM (IST) Posted by Nitin Kumar

    Delhi Police recovers parts of phones from all accused, Lalit Jha's phones destroyed

    In a crucial development in the Parliament security breach case, Delhi Police has seized phone components from all the apprehended suspects, sourced from Rajasthan. The phones, recovered in a charred state, were allegedly destroyed by Lalit Jha, the suspected mastermind, who initially broke them before setting them ablaze.

    All accused, including Neelam, Manoranjan D, Sagar, and Amol, had their phones retrieved in damaged conditions. Lalit Jha, who reportedly had possession of all the accused phones, orchestrated their destruction before attempting to conceal the evidence by setting them on fire.

    The investigation highlights Lalit Jha's elusive nature, as the police are yet to locate his phone. The examination team continues to face challenges in tracking down Jha's device, with the accused actively misleading efforts to uncover it.

    The recovered phone parts are critical evidence in the ongoing probe, indicating a coordinated effort among the accused. The burning of phones suggests a concerted attempt to erase digital traces and thwart investigative efforts.

    As the Delhi Police delves deeper into the Parliament security case, the retrieval of damaged phones adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative. The motive behind destroying the phones and the information they may have contained becomes a focal point in understanding the full extent of the conspiracy.


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