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Trend shows average age of MPs kept rising over decades since first Lok Sabha

Ever since the first Lok Sabha in 1951, the average age of Indian lawmakers elected to the Lok Sabha has seen an upward trend over the decades.

Edited By: Shashwat Bhandari @ShashBhandari New Delhi Published on: May 08, 2024 17:46 IST
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Lok Sabha Elections 2024: The average age of the Members of Parliament (MPs), who are elected to the Lok Sabha, has seen an increase of at least nine years between the period from the first Lok Sabha to the seventeenth. Currently, the nation is witnessing the 18th Lok Sabha elections.

According to data by the Press Information Bureau (PIB), in the first Lok Sabha elections, which took place in 1951-52, the average age of an MP was 46.5 years. 25 years down the line, the average age of MPs reached nearly 50. By the 17th Lok Sabha (held in 2019), the average age of Indian MPs touched 55.

The data shows how over the years, the trend of older MPs being elected to the Parliament advanced.

However, in the 1998 general elections, an average MP who was elected to the Parliament was 46.4 years old but in 1999, during the 13th Lok Sabha, the average age of lawmakers saw a jump of nine years.

Out of 543 Lok Sabha seats, there are 412 Parliamentary seats for the General caste, 84 for Scheduled Castes (SC) and 47 for the Scheduled Tribes (ST).

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