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CM Yogi attacks AAP-Congress alliance at Chandigarh rally, says 'Mafias walk freely in Punjab, but in UP...'

Taking a dig at the Congress and AAP alliance in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said, that the party which was born from the Anna Hazare-led movement against Congress, today partnered with the grand old party to loot the nation.

Edited By: Raju Kumar @rajudelhi123 Chandigarh Updated on: May 20, 2024 16:43 IST
UP CM Yogi at Chandigarh rally with BJP leaders
Image Source : X/YOGI UP CM Yogi at Chandigarh rally with BJP leaders

UP CM Yogi Adityanath, while addressing a poll rally in Chandigarh on Monday, targeted the INDI alliance, saying when we talk about 400 seats, Congress starts feeling dizzy because the grand old party itself is not contesting elections on 400 seats. 

"The gangsters walk freely in Punjab, but everyone knows the condition of the mafias in UP," he said.

I will hang rioters upside down: Yogi

He said, "Congress leaders used to say that if Ram temple is built, there will be riots, but I said if riots happen, I will hang rioters upside down. Now in Uttar Pradesh, people have stopped offering namaz on the streets and loudspeakers have also been removed from mosques."

Congress now has its eyes on your property, it will take your money and give it to Muslims, the CM said, adding Aurangzeb had imposed Jizya tax, Aurangzeb's spirit has entered the Congress.

CM Yogi said today the fifth phase of elections is going on but I am relaxed in Chandigarh because there is an atmosphere in the entire country that Modiji will retain power.

The public says that we will bring those who have brought Ram and those who are not of Ram are of no use.

Congress is anti-Ram: Yogi

Yogi alleged that Congress is anti-Ram. "We tell Congress to build Ram temple in Italy itself. Congress is moving in the direction of destruction and negative intellectualism. Their allies are also opposing the Ram temple," he added.

Yogi attacks Rahul

CM Yogi said that whenever there is any crisis in the country, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is the first to leave the country. However, he has always given trouble to the country, be it Naxal crisis or terrorism, the UP CM alleged.

Yogi said that when Corona crisis came in the country, Rahul never visited Uttar Pradesh but we kept working among people. Gandhi and Manish Tewari would never have come during this period, he added.

"PM Modi has increased the respect of the country in 10 years. Earlier there used to be terrorist attacks in the country, but now the situation is different," he added.

CM Yogi said that development is in full swing in the cournty. 

"Expressways are being built, AIIMS are being built. Earlier people used to die of hunger but now 80 crore people are being given food. Congress used to say that Muslims have the first right on the country's resources, so where will Hindus go? The alliance between Congress and AAP means an alliance of plunder," he added.

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