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Amritpal Singh may have fled to Delhi, says Punjab Police sources

Punjab Police have expressed suspicion of Amritpal Singh entering the Delhi border through any vehicle other than the bus and have alerted Delhi regarding the same.

Arushi Jaiswal Written By: Arushi Jaiswal New Delhi Updated on: March 24, 2023 16:37 IST
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Image Source : PTI Amritpal may have entered the Delhi border through any vehicle other than the bus.

Amritpal Singh Hunt Latest News: The 'Waris Punjab De' chief Amritpal Singh, who is currently on run, Punjab Police suspects that he might have fled to the national capital and have alerted the Delhi Police for the same. According to the sources, Punjab Police have expressed suspicion of Amritpal entering the Delhi border through any vehicle other than the bus.

The sources further said that Amritpal and his associate Papalpreet Singh took a Haryana Roadways bus from Kurukshetra at around 2 am on March 20. The Punjab Police have tracked the bus and have taken the driver and conductor into custody. As per the sources, the Punjab Police are questioning the driver and the conductor to know where both Amritpal and Pappalpreet got down from the bus.

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Amritpal changed his look 

As per the sources, the woman who was arrested from Kurukshetra has revealed during interrogation that Amritpal has changed his look and now he is roaming around with open hair without a turban. Earlier on Tuesday, Punjab Police released at least seven new photos of the radical leader and have asked people to help the government nab him. "There are several pictures of Amritpal Singh in different attires. We are releasing all of these pictures. I request you display them so that people can help us to arrest him in this case," said Punjab IGP Sukhchain Singh Gill.

The Khalistan sympathiser along with his associate Papalpreet had reached Patiala from Ludhiana on scooty on the late night of March 18 and both stayed at a close friend's place in Patiala. They then left from Patiala on the morning of March 19 and reached the house of a woman named Baljeet Kaur in the Shahbad area of Haryana. Haryana Police meanwhile, have arrested a woman who allegedly harboured Singh and his associate at her home in Kurukshetra.

The sources also said that Baljit Kaur's brother recognized Amritpal while they were having dinner but they pacified him. The pro-Khalistani radical leader also used the phone of the woman and his brother. He made some phone calls and then deleted the numbers from the call log. 

Papalpreet on March 20 went to all the bus stands in the area to find out about the buses while Amritpal was at Kaur's house. 

Amritpal while leaving Kurukshetra gave scooty and some belongings to Baljit Kaur's brother and gave a mobile number of Patiala and asked him to deliver the scooty to Patiala. Baljeet Kaur's brother returned the scooty in Patiala. If reports are to be believed, Baljeet Kaur is close to Papalpreet and were friends on Instagram, so while leaving, Amritpal asked Papalpreet to delete all the WhatsApp and Instagram chats with Baljeet Kaur and also instructed not to open her mouth in front of anyone.

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Last location of Amritpal 

Meanwhile, Punjab IGP Sukhchain Singh Gill has said that Amritpal was last located in Haryana. "A woman identified as Baljeet Kaur has also been detained. Amritpal had stayed at her house in the Kurukshetra area. They were in touch since the last 2.5 years," IGP Gill said.

Intelligence agencies have made sensational revelations against the pro-Khalistani radical leader. According to intelligence sources, Amritpal was trying to create communal disharmony among the people and tried to defame the Sikh religion.

Amritpal used to humiliate famous personalities in Sikhism and had also said that Bhagat Singh was not a great person. The radical leader never talked about his past and is alleged to have also been involved in the murder of Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri last year.

Amritpal Singh was having a lavish lifestyle in Dubai without following Sikh tenets. He is not an Amritdhari Sikh. 

Last week, Punjab Police launched a crackdown against him and his outfit 'Waris Punjab De'. Amritpal Singh, however, gave the police a slip and escaped their dragnet when his cavalcade was intercepted in the Jalandhar district.

Last month, Amritpal Singh and his supporters, some of them brandishing swords and guns, broke through barricades and barged into the Ajnala Police Station on the outskirts of the Amritsar city, and clashed with police for the release of one of the radical preacher's aides. 


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