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'This is our land': Watch Indian troops arguing with Chinese soldiers in Doka La

The verbal spat between Chinese and Indian troops broke out after Indian Army stopped China from constructing a road in in Doka La area near Sikkim.

India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: July 03, 2017 23:27 IST
Verbal spat broke out between Indian and Chinese troops in
Verbal spat broke out between Indian and Chinese troops in Doka La

The stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops in Sikkim sector began with a verbal spat between personal of two armies. In a video accessed by India TV, which is believed to be from the first week of June, Indian soldiers are seen arguing with Chinese troops in Doka La. 

The Army has however clarified that no bulldozers were "ever employed" for destroying the Indian bunkers and that no physical scuffle had occurred between the personnel of Indian Army and the People's Liberation Army (PLA). A senior government functionary had earlier said that bulldozers were used to destroy the Indian bunkers. 

Here is how the conversation between Indian and Chinese troops escalated into argument:

Chinese soldier: This is our area

Indian soldier: This is not your area. This is our area. You are doing recce, patrolling with so many people. 10 people can do recce, 10 people can do patrolling. Why so many soldiers?

Chinese soldier: Sir.. sir.. commander! The line is very clear.

Indian soldier: It is clear. Your area is there. 

Another Indian soldier: This is Indian territory. You are in Indian territory. 

Chinese soldier: Listen.. listen! The line is clear. You build house there, you build road there. 

Indian soldier: No road. You are making road here. 

Following the verbal spat, additional forces from nearby brigade headquarters, located 20 km from the face off point, were moved in on June 8. PLA troops were rushed in from its 141 division located in the area, prompting the Indian Army to also strengthen its position.

The Indian Army also rushed an officer of the Major General rank to the area and a flag meeting was sought with the Chinese counterparts.

China rejected two such requests from the Indian side, but accepted the third call for a meeting, where it asked the Indian Army to withdraw its troops from the Lalten area, which falls in Doka La. Doka La is the Indian name for the region which Bhutan recognises as Dokalam, while China claims it to be part of its Donglang region.

The verbal spat between China and India escalated as Beijing said the Indian Army's action to stop Chinese troops from constructing a road in an area near Sikkim is a "betrayal" of the stance taken by successive Indian governments and India must withdraw from the region.


Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that the Sino-India border in the Sikkim sector is well demarcated.


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