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Pune Porsche case: Ink thrown at Vishal Agarwal, the builder whose son is behind the accident

The ink attack on Vishal Agarwal occurred as he was exiting a local court. Eyewitnesses reported that an unidentified individual threw ink at Agarwal, splattering his face and clothing.

Reported By : Saket Rai Edited By : Nitin Kumar
Updated on: May 22, 2024 15:41 IST
Image Source : PTI/FILE PHOTO Pune: Officials seal the Cosie bar for serving liquor to minors in Pune.

Vishal Agarwal, a prominent builder in Pune, faced an ink attack following the recent high-profile accident involving his son. The incident comes after Agarwal's son was allegedly involved in a major car accident, which has garnered significant media attention and public scrutiny.

Vishal Agarwal, was presented in Pune Sessions Court today. Meanwhile, a decision regarding the juvenile accused is expected by 4 PM in the Juvenile Court. The ink attack on Vishal Agarwal was carried out by members of the Vande Mataram organisation. Police have detained several protesters involved in the demonstration.


Two days after a speeding Porsche, allegedly driven by an intoxicated 17-year-old boy, collided with a motorcycle and killed two young software engineers, Pune police have arrested five individuals, including the minor's father, Vishal Agarwal.

The other four arrested are proprietors and executives of two pubs, BLAK (in Marriott Suites) and Cosie, where the minor was allegedly served alcohol.

Background on Vishal Agarwal

Vishal Agarwal is a well-known real estate developer with a significant presence in Pune. His family business, Brahma Corp, has a long-standing history in the construction industry, founded by the minor accused's great-grandfather, Brahmadatt Agarwal.

Company profile and achievements

Brahma Corp was established as a partnership firm in 1982 by Ram Kumar Agrawal and his family members. It was reconstituted as a private limited company in March 2012 and later as a public limited company in October 2013. The company specialises in commercial and residential real estate development in and around Pune, with eight ongoing and three upcoming projects.

Hospitality ventures

In addition to real estate, Brahma Corp operates two five-star hotels: Le Meridien in Mahabaleshwar and Grand Sheraton in Pune. The company's strong track record and brand recognition have cemented its reputation in the market.

Financial overview

The Agarwal family also owns businesses such as Brahma Multispace and Brahma Multicon. The total net worth of the various companies owned by Vishal Agarwal is reportedly around Rs 601 crore, according to an Aaj Tak report.



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