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Scared of allergies while travelling? Follow these easy tips to keep them at bay

Are you planning to travel and thinking about how to take care of your health as you are prone to allergies? Some simple tips like keeping a first aid kit close by at all times and staying near a hospital can come in handy.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 08, 2022 18:23 IST
Avoid traveling Allergies with these tips

Avoid traveling allergies with these tips


  • Make sure to keep your health insurance documents and medical history with you when travelling
  • A first aid kit should be kept handy at all times
  • Try staying at a place nearby a hospital so that emergency medical services are accessible

Are you someone who has to think and re-think your travel plans just because you are prone to allergies? A few easy-to-follow tips can help you in travelling safely and you can enjoy your time with the family instead of ending up in the emergency room. Many of us are prone to allergies and they become a sign of worry even more when we are traveling or step out in public places. So if you are someone struggling with allergy issues, the tips mentioned below will help.  

If you are asthmatic: If you are traveling by flight, then it can lead to a rise in your sinus problem. Higher altitudes tend to be drier and it can make your seasonal allergies worse. It is suggested to carry a nasal spray or saline mist to help minimise allergy symptoms, as per report.

Pack your first aid kit: It is advised to always pack your medical kit whenever you are traveling someplace. It will be helpful in case of any emergency. Also, try to pack extra doses of the medicines that you take on a daily basis.

Clean the surface: Wherever you are planning to stay during travel, try to take small steps to minimise allergy-causing organisms. Clean the surfaces of the places to get rid of the bacteria. This will help in maintaining good health.

Close the area that is home to allergens: Try to close all the air conditioning vents to avoid the danger of pollen and other air pollutants. 

Carry your pillow: Bring your own pillow or hypoallergenic cover to sleep on, or request hypoallergenic pillows that are feather-free.

If you have any food allergies: Try to avoid eating your meal outside and do good research about the menu or place you are dining at. Try home-cooked food to avoid the food allergens. Also, if you don't have any choice but to eat out, then make sure that the hotel staff knows about your allergies. You can also consider staying at the rented place which provides you with a private kitchen to cook your own meals.

Carry your health insurance card: It is advised to always carry your health documents and health cards when you are travelling to ensure that a medical emergency is taken care of.

Stay near a hospital: If you are travelling outside and allergies are an issue you deal with on a regular basis, it is advised to always rent a place nearby a hospital so that urgent medical condition is not far away when you need it. 

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.