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Attention men! You need to get rid of these 7 beauty myths

Dear men, you need to drop these common beauty myths ASAP

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: July 06, 2017 14:20 IST
men beauty myths
Men beauty myths debunked

Looking good is not a woman-only domain. Even men are very particular about their looks. In fact, a recent survey concluded that men spend more money on personal grooming than women. And why not? After all, a person irrespective of their gender, has got the rights to look good. But amid those skincare routine, it gets really hard to differentiate between what’s myth and what’s fact. But don’t worry. We’re going to deflate some of the biggest grooming myths followed blindly by men. Make sure that you don’t repeat them after this. New York-based celebrity dermatologist Kiran Lohia and Ankit Khurana, CEO and Founder BeYouPlus, an aesthetic app, have shared beauty myths related to men: 

Myth 1: Chest shaving is good.

Most of the men like to flaunt their chiselled chest. But chest shaving is a big no. It can give you rashes and promote faster hair growth. 

Myth 2: Aesthetic treatments are only meant for women.

Facelift, botox and blepharoplasty are not just women’s thing. There are a number of men who go under the knife to look their desirable best. In fact, at a unisex salon, you will see as many men as women. 

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Myth 3: Men don’t need moisturizer, they have oily skin

Not all men have oily skin. And above all, hydration is something that everyone requires. Even an oily skin needs moisture. Make sure that you pick a water-based moisturizer in place of oil-based ones. Skipping moisturisation can make your skin more oily and can cause more breakouts. 

Myth 4: Men use soap to wash their face 

Face wash are not typecasted for women only. There are many popular skincare brands which make face wash and cleansers especially for men. Soap can be a little too harsh for your skin and make it drier. 

Myth 5: Men don't need shaving gel or cream to shave.

Dry shaves can irritate your skin and cause redness. Use  a gentle cleansing lotion to shave the hair. 

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Myth 6: Men need to wash their face 3-4 times a day 

Over-washing can be a menace for your skin. When you wash your face more than required, the oil glands produce more oil to compensate the dryness. Never wash your face more than two –three times a day. Use a pH balanced cleanser. 

Myth 7: Men don't need sunblock when indoors.

Even when you’re sitting indoors, UVA and UVB radiations are playing havoc on your skin, causing long term damage. Wear a proper sunscreen even when you’re indoor. 

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