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5 superfoods that help curbing hunger

To get rid of the ‘ghrelin gremlin’, you need to consume wholesome foods that will suppress your appetite.

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: June 16, 2017 17:34 IST
Appetite suppressing foods are very important to balance our health.

A lot of us struggle with cravings which are not at all our fault. These cravings are caused by our hormones. It is the messenger that influence how we feel or what we want or how fast our body stores fat. To stay away from cravings, you need to stay full. To get rid of the ‘ghrelin gremlin’, you need to consume wholesome foods that will suppress your appetite. You can lose up to 50 pounds, by reducing your calories intake by 500 calories a day. This can be as easy as cutting back on 3 ounces of potato chips or one cheeseburger a day.

1. Apple- Apple helps in avoiding extra visits to the doctor by balancing sugar level. Soluble fiber in apples, called pectin, reduces the amount of sugar and calories that’s absorbed into the bloodstream after a meal. That’s good news for folks who want to prevent type 2 diabetes, but it also makes apples one of the best snacks for dieters. 

2. Bran- Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that you cannot digest. This is great for weight loss because it means fiber has no calories. One of the richest sources of insoluble fiber is wheat bran.

3. Green veggies- Green tea contains EGCG that increases the hormone CCK. This hormone is responsible for creating the feeling of satiation. Feeling full between meals is the greatest weapon against the battle of the bulge. 

4. Vinegar- When red wine is fermented long enough, it becomes red wine vinegar. And while you wouldn’t want to drink a glass of red wine vinegar, it’s still a healthy, appetite-suppressing addition to your meal. Acetic acid, the active ingredient in vinegar, helps keep food in the stomach for a longer period, so release of the hunger hormone ghrelin is delayed. 

5. Nuts- Fats are avoided because they are high in calories. The omega-6 fatty acid found in pine nuts called pinolenic acid has been shown to increase the release of satiety hormones. This type of fat can promote weight loss and reduce food intake. Pinolenic acid appears to be particularly effective at stimulating the release of CCK, the hormone that works as a hunger suppressant. 


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