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Try these 5 easy Poha recipes for quick weight loss

Poha can be your solution to all health problems. Apart from having a rich taste and variety, it also helps in accelerating weight loss. For those who are trying to shed off that extra inches, try these five different Poha recipes that can be easily made at home.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 20, 2020 22:55 IST
Try these 5 easy Poha recipes for quick weight loss

Try these 5 easy Poha recipes for quick weight loss

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it's the first thing you eat in the morning after last night's dinner. Although each and every meal you take is important, however, the food you take should be healthy and nutritious so that it gives you the right kickstart of the day. And what better than Poha which is full of essential nutrients and energy to keep you going. Moreover, it won't be wrong to call it a superfood since it is not just delicious but also helpful in accelerating weight loss. While some like to add a twist of sugar to it while others like to flood it with peanuts and veggies, it any form Poha is the most desirable Indian snack for breakfast.

If you are one of those who is struggling with that weight that you've gained amid the coronavirus lockdown, we would suggest that it is the best time to switch to Poha because it's not only yummy but helps reduce those inches as well. Enlisting five different Poha recipes which you should definitely add to spice up your first meal of the day.


India Tv - Tangy Poha

Tangy Poha

There are two different ways you can treat your taste buds to some tanginess in the first part of the day for a new beginning. Include a bunch of tomatoes or curd, or both, while cooking poha. The expansion of lemon juice will improve the pungency of this dish.


India Tv - Nutty Poha

Nutty Poha

Not simply peanuts, you can pick from a scope of dry fruits of the soil to your poha - almonds, cashews, raisins, walnut, the list is interminable. The grouping of nuts will give another measurement to your most loved poha.


India Tv - Veggie Poha

Veggie Poha

Decide one vegetable and make your poha around it. Spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, soya and other such veggies can be incredible choices to give your poha a veggie edge. Take motivation from this formula of soya poha. Indeed, you can likewise blend in all veggies of your decision and make it a hard and fast vegetable poha.


India Tv - Fruity Poha

Fruity Poha

In the event that you haven't attempted it yet, we propose you kindly do. Make your pick from cranberries, strawberries, dates, apples, and pomegranate. 


India Tv - Bread Poha

Bread Poha

Cut down brown or white bread into minor pieces and include them directly at the last moment when your poha is nearly cooked. Sprinkle some water and blend well so the bread and the poha take in all the flavors from the spices and lemon juice. You can likewise totally get rid of rice and make this poha with bread only.

Now that you have the list in hand, why not try it now?




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