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11 relatable things every vegetarian has heard at least once in their lifetime

Are you a vegetarian? Here are 11 super relatable things you would've heard at least once in your life.

Apoorva Gupta Written by: Apoorva Gupta New Delhi Updated on: September 26, 2019 15:39 IST
11 Relatable things every vegetarian has heard once in

11 Relatable things every vegetarian has heard once in their life

Life is hard, we know. But if you're a vegetarian in this atyachaari world, it is even harder. The endless 'taanas' of friends, always having to order a separate dish at a group lunch and the real struggle of finding something edible in a foreign land, vegetarianism is not an easy way of life. Not to forget the endless attempts by people to sell you the concept of non-veg food like they're getting paid for it. So, if you've always been a misfit in your group of friends like me, here are 11 things that you will totally relate to. 

1. "Vegetarian ho? Shakal se toh nahi lagti!"

'To kya sir pe sabjio ka taaj pehen ka ghumu?

2. "Tum Lucknow se ho par vegetarian ho? What an irony yaar!"

"Tum insan ho par dimag nahi hai. What an irony yaar!"

3. "Tu Jain hai kya yaar?"

Tu pagal hai kya yaar? 

4. "Yaar ek bite try to kar!"


5. "Are kuch nahi hota. Gravy taste kar le"

There is not enough sarcasm availanle on this earth to reply to this stupidity. I am not even going to try.

6. Is it a religion thing?

Yes, definitely. Vegetarianism is a religion and I am an ardent follower.

7. I'm also a vegetarian, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

My reaction:

8. You're missing out on good things yaar.

We have rajma chawal. Duh!

9. "Tabhi tu itni patli hai yaar. Mujhe to hawa bhi lag jati hai."

I wish I could express my opinions on this without offending you. #Noteventrying

10. "Tu hamare khane ka khaana kha rahi hai. Paap lagega!"

Don't even get me started because you are literally a threat to the diversity of this planet. Raising animals for meat is one of the biggest causes of pollution and degradation of the environment. It is, directly and indirectly, responsible for shortage of food, degradation of land, water and all the other resources of the earth.

"Tujhe itna paap lagega ki papa yaad aa jaenge, dharti pe bojh!"

11. "Oh you're a vegetarian?" That's because you've never tried bacon.

Honestly, it has never been a fantasy for me and it is never going to be one! Thanks, but no thanks!

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