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Valmiki Jayanti: All you need to know about Maharishi Valmiki and first Sanskrit Shloka he drafted

Valmiki Jayanti 2017: Know how a dacoit transformed himself to Maharishi Valmiki, who later wrote Ramayana.

Reshu Manglik Written by: Reshu Manglik New Delhi Published on: October 05, 2017 13:00 IST
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Valmiki Jayanti 2017 unknown facts, story, significance, sanskrit shloka

Maharishi Valmiki’s first name was Ratnakar. He was born in a sound family but due to his closeness to dacoits, he started plundering people and killing them. Anyone who crossed his path was robbed by him. After Lord Narada’s intervention, he stopped killing and looting people. Let’s know some unknown facts about Maharishi Valmiki’s life. 

The creator of Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki was a dacoit before he wrote the Hindu epic. After meeting Narada, he transformed himself into a learned sage. This incident of Maharishi Valmiki’s life give us a meaningful life lesson; leave your past behind and thrive to create a better future for yourself. This is what we all should do. 

Lord Narada made Valmiki realise that the sins you’re committing today will be reaped by you later. Then he received the divine knowledge. This is how we should continue doing our good deeds and steer clear from ill-thoughts and sins. 

Valmiki performed penance for several years in Ratnakar forest. According to the legends, he stood at one place for such a long time that ants started building their nest on his body. Even under those circumstances, he didn’t let his morale down. We should get inspired from his penance and dedication to repair his own ill-deeds. 

Maharishi Valmiki has written the holy Sanskrit epic Ramayana based on the life of Hindu God, Shriram. We all know the history behind Ramayana. Thus we should do something as great as Maharishi Valmiki did to make our name immortal in the world. 

First Sanskrit Shloka drafted by Maharishi Valmiki

​It is also believed that it was Maharishi Valmiki who drafted the first Sanskrit Shloka. He himself wrote about the inspiration of the poetry composition he drafted. Once Maharishi Valmiki was watching a couple of bird. The bird couple was busy in love making, then suddenly a hunter shot one of the bird down with an arrow. The bird died immediately. The sight infuriated Maharishi to great extent. Amid this pain and anger against the hunter, Maharishi uttered a Shloka, which is considered as the first Sanskrit Shloka ever. The Shloka is given below. 

मां निषाद प्रतिष्ठां त्वगम: शाश्वती: समा: ।

यत्क्रौंचमिथुनादेकम् अवधी: काममोहितम् ।।

According to the folklores, Maharishi Valmiki was born into a Naga tribe. During those days, Naga tribe was not economically developed. Just like Valmiki, we should not lose our hope of better future, regardless of our caste, creed, colour or background. 


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