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Want to save your nails from damage this summer? Follow these 5 amazing tips

Nail health is just as important as your skincare. Summer can expose your nails to harmful chemicals and damage them. Avoid weakening your nails by using these 5 tips to improve your nail care this summer.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Published on: May 21, 2024 17:00 IST
Save your nails from damage this summer with these 5 nail-care tips
Image Source : PEXELS Save your nails from damage this summer with these 5 nail-care tips

Your nails are the most sensitive part of your skin as they are exposed to pollutants, possibly harmful substances and dryness every day. This could impact your nail health and make them break or chip faster. In this heat, they are likely to suffer from a lack of moisture and are more prone to dryness. Here are 5 ways you can improve your health and ace your nail-care regime. 

Apply top coat

Top coat is one of the most essential tools for maintaining strong, healthy nails. Applying a top coat over your nail polish will help protect your nails from any damage by painting a strong layer. The hardened layer also prevents water from contacting the nail lacquer and weakening it. Applying a top coast every three days can decrease chipping and help you extend the durability of your nail paint. It also adds a layer of shining gloss to them, giving an extra edge to your manicure!


Moisturisation is a skin-care fundamental that applies not only to your face but is also a non-negotiable in your nail care regime. Moisturising your nails helps keep the skin underneath hydrated and prevents the chipping or peeling skin that comes with dry nails. You can use nail creams but typically any nutrient and oil-rich moisturiser will have the same benefits for your nails.

Be mindful of your nail length

If you experience regular nail breakage, you should reconsider the nail length you maintain. Even if you enjoy wearing longer nails, keeping your nails short for some time will allow them to grow stronger and in better shape. Shorter nails are also relatively easier to manage and you won’t have to be worried about them breaking as often. 

Let your nails breathe

Go easy on the regular application of colour on your nails. Some nail polishes use harmful chemicals that can make it hard for your nails to breathe and damage them without you realising. Skip the daily application of colour and give them some room to breathe from the chemicals and a chance to grow stronger.

Clip your nails regularly

Apart from managing your nail length, clipping your nails even a little every few weeks can reduce the need for nail filing and let them grow back naturally and stronger. Clipping away the dirt that accumulates over time in your nails will also benefit the skin underneath and let them hydrate naturally by removing any dirt which blocks their natural moisture. 

Incorporate these tips into your daily nail care routine for healthier and stronger nails.

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