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Horoscope Today, January 20, 2020: Aquarians to get some big responsibility, check prediction for all signs

Acharya Indu Prakash throws light on the daily horoscope for January 20, 2020. Know what's in store for you

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New Delhi Updated on: January 20, 2020 9:25 IST
Horoscope Today, January 20, 2020

Horoscope Today, January 20, 2020: Aquarians to get some big responsibility, check prediction for all signs 

Every day comes a host of new opportunities and circumstances. Preparing for what's in store for you will always keep you ready for the best and the worst situations. If you want to know what the day has in plan for you, check out the astrology prediction for all zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces by Acharya Indu Prakash right here.

Aries - Today is going to be a fantastic day for the people. Family will spend more time with them. Today, if you start any new work, there is a possibility of financial gain. Today, a friend will encourage you a lot to achieve your goal, along with it you will also support you. A solution can be found to any chronic problems in the family. Chant the 'Om Namah Shivaya' mantra 21 times, your plans will be successful.

Taurus - Today is going to be a favorable day for people. You are very close to promotion or respect in the field. Today, you need to increase your hard work a little. Brothers will be supported in the business. There can be ideological differences with the father. Students, think calmly today, you need to concentrate on the work. Therefore, worship Lord Shiva on this day and wear a Vidya Yantra. By doing this, all your attention will be spent on your work.

Gemini - Today is going to be a wonderful day for the you. Today you may have to go to a social event or to meet someone.Those who are lawyers today, take a look at old dates and transactions once. Be a little conscious of your health. There may be a cold. Spending may also be higher today. There will be mildness in speech, but also irritability. On this day, offer 11 Bel letters to Shiva. Income will increase.

Cancer- You will have a good day today. Those who are connected with the computer sector may feel hindered in expanding the field today. It is better not to let others come in the way of your success. Today, you should be ready to fight all kinds of situations. Family problems can also be troubling. Due to which mental dissatisfaction will increase. Also today one can invest in property with the help of a friend. On this day, distribute prasad outside the temple, happiness will come in your life.

Leo - Today is going to be a mixed day for the zodiac. Most of the news you get will be in favor. There can be a debate in the office today with a colleague. Try to avoid frivolous talk, speak only when necessary. Today you can be very upset about something again. Wealth can develop the means of income. Donate fruits to children, happiness will come in your life.

Virgo - Lucky ones will be with you today. All the work stopped in the field will be completed very well and easily. Senior support will be available in the office. The ongoing problems will also end today. Opposing parties will be forced to kneel in front of you today. Patience may decrease. But mother will get justice and support. The day is good for taking decisions on family issues. There will be good coordination with everyone in the house. Read Gayatri Mantra on this day, mental stress will be removed.

Libra - Avoid getting into situations in which you feel discomfort today. Keep your thinking positive and fall into the limelight. If you are starting any new work then today you are going to be busy all day. Mental stress may increase. Hard work will definitely yield positive results. Business will do well. You can save some of the money you earn today for the future. Donate fruits to people sitting outside the temple, people will continue to get support in life.

Scorpio-You can get some good news from your spouse. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house, as well as you can also organize an event. Will go out with friends. The property dealer of this amount is getting a lot of benefit from the old land. If the students of this amount are going for an interview today, then carry yellow flowers in their pockets, the selection is certain. Health will be fine . Help in the orphanage, your work will continue.

Sagittarius - Today is going to be a good day for people with zodiac sign. Today you will be in the mood to plan and implement it. Today, if you want to take any major decision in any job-related job, then take it. The time is favorable, as well as the possibility of a confusion ending. With a little effort, you can reach a higher position.

Capricorn - The day is very important for you. The opportunity that you were looking for for the last several days, today you will find it with the help of a close friend. Before attending any big business related meeting, understand the project well and go through prepairs. The boss will have high expectations from you today. Deal will be cleared. You may also get an opportunity for promotion. But today, in your married life, there will be little trouble, for this you must keep the statue of Love Bird in your bedroom. Doing this will bring sweetness to the relationship.

Aquarius- Today is a very good day to do something special for yourself. Go for a beauty treatment or massage, you will feel very good and beautiful. You will also get some good information about your fitness. Today you can get some big responsibility. Which you will perform well Today is especially good for artists of this zodiac. Complete the works started today and chant the Mantra: Mantra 101 times today. There will be profit opportunities.

Pisces - Today is going to be a wonderful day for you. Today you will get some great success, as well as your performance in the field, will be better than expected. If you are thinking of changing your living or thinking of moving to a new place, then today is a favorable day. People who are unemployed with this amount can get any new job offer today. Do not insist on anything in the field. More benefits than expected.

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