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Iron deficiency can lead to damaged hair; Know signs and symptoms that your body show

Iron deficiency reduces the hemoglobin level in the body. It is pertinent to always keep on eating balanced diet containing iron. Lack of iron in the diet can lead to many signs and symptoms that can affect the body and mind.

Written By: Health Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 31, 2022 15:00 IST
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Image Source : FREEPIK Balanced diet is important for people who have iron deficiency

Iron deficiency: Do you look pale or experience shortness of breath or feel nauseous while walking? If yes, then it is because of iron deficiency. It is said that if your diet includes sufficient iron then you do not feel tired from the inside. Be it a child or an adult, iron deficiency can occur in anyone’s body. Notably, your body needs enough hemoglobin to regulate the oxygen level. Hemoglobin is a protein that is present in the red blood cells that allows them to carry oxygen through your blood vessels.  

It is important to assess your body movements and behavior. From regular mood swings to dizziness, if your body does not feel active and stable, then it surely indicates that your balanced diet has a problem. Mostly it is related to iron deficiency. No matter, how hectic your schedule is, you should understand the value of your body’s needs and requirements and always observe the signs in which your body tries to tell you that something is wrong.

There are various signs and symptoms by which you can analyze your body’s particular formal routine needs. 

1. Breathing problems     

2. Severe headaches 

3. Palpitations of heart 

4. Soreness and Swelling of your mouth 

5. Restlessness in legs 

6. Brittle and spoon-shaped fingernails 

7. Strange cravings 

8. Depression 

9. Poor appetite 

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Iron deficiency affects skin and body 

Tiredness: According to a National Institute of Health database, when your body does not get enough hemoglobin, then less oxygen reaches your tissues and muscles. This deprives the body of energy. This in turn increases the heart rate. Therefore, the heart works harder to get more oxygen-rich blood for your body. This makes you feel tired. 

Pale skin: A health study has claimed that paleness in the body occurs in children of age 6-11. This paleness is associated with iron deficiency. This iron deficiency is not limited to one area of the body. It can occur all over the body also like the face, gums, inside of lips, or lower eyelids. For people who have dark skin tones, this paleness gets noticed in the eyelids. So, it is advisable to maintain a balance in the iron intake so that a deficiency should not occur.  

Dry and damaged hair and skin: Less intake of iron can cause hair damage as it can reduce the amount of oxygen. When the skin and hair get deprived of oxygen, the hair gets damaged and tends to fall. 

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High Iron deficiency in Women

Menstruation problem: As per a survey conducted by National Family Heath Survey, nearly 50 percent of Indian women, suffer from iron deficiency. Less intake of iron indicates a lack of hemoglobin synthesis which creates complications in the oxygen level. This can also lead to heavy periods and heavy periods can lead to blood loss. With iron deficiency, you may get tired, weak, dizzy or suffer short of breath.   

Pregnancy: Severe iron deficiency can also lead to pregnancy. It can also result in the risk of premature birth. If iron deficiency occurs in women during pregnancy then it can lead to low weight in babies and postpartum depression.    


So, it is risky to not add sufficient iron to your diet. If you have not treated it well, then it reduces the body’s metabolism and affects your overall health system.  A person with iron deficiency can cure it by taking a rich protein diet or medical help. If your condition is serious and the below-mentioned treatment is not beneficial for you, then you can take a recommendation from a well-qualified doctor.  

 A good doctor’s advice can also assist you better for a healthy future.  

1. Balanced diet 

2. Dark green Leafy, green vegetables 

3. Seafood 

4. Beans 

You can enhance your iron absorption by increasing your Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is found in citrus juices like orange juices and helps the body to absorb iron better. 

Vitamin C can be found in:  

1. Broccoli 

2. Grapefruit 

3. Kiwi 

4. Strawberries 

5. Tangerines 

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In such times, when your health should be your first priority as the COVID-19 situation is again getting worse, it is better to eat healthily. Include iron-rich food to your diet to avoid major symptoms that can make you feel ill. It’s not even about COVID-19, a person should normally also avoid iron deficiency.


Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.


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