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Health benefits of dragon fruit: From good skin to great gut health

Dragon fruit has multiple health benefits. Other than being just beautiful pink-yellow fruit, it has a variety of richness and other advantages. Take a look.

Health Desk Written by: Health Desk New Delhi Published on: April 07, 2022 17:22 IST
Dragon fruit

Heath benefits of dragon fruit


  • Its rich with antioxidant's which helps in skin tightening
  • Dragon fruit helps to prevent chemical treated hair
  • It fights with chronic diseases like heart disease, cancers, arthritis, and diabetes

Dragon fruit, also known as pitahaya or strawberry pear has become quite a name among health freaks. This tropical fruit is pleasing to the eyes with a yellow and pink layer, green spikes on the top and white pulp with black seeds which is sweet to taste. The fruit is full of loaded with vitamin C and E, minerals like iron and magnesium, and fiber. One can have this fruit either with their salad or smoothies. Dragon fruit also carries some major health benefits, check out about the same in detail below.


Dragon fruit helps to maintain the body's cholesterol levels, which further helps to keep the body healthy. It is a perfect fruit that keeps your weight intact and shuns sweet tooth cravings.

Fights Diabetes

The fruit is rich in fiber which regulates diabetes, as it stabilizes blood sugar levels by suppressing the sugar spikes. But, it is suggested to first consult your medical health provider before having this fruit. 

Great for gut health

Dragon fruit is also known to maintain good gut health. It promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria and prebiotics. This fruit contains prebiotics like lactic acid and bifidobacteria that feed the gut bacteria. It also enhances the ratio of good/bad bacteria in the intestines and makes you healthy.

Healthy snack

Dragon fruit, the pink and yellow beauty is a handy snack that carries a lot of health benefits. The fruit is fat-free and carries high fiber that helps to fulfill hunger pains. One dragon fruit is enough to give you the required nutrients.

Helps to fight chronic diseases

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants, which fight bacteria and viruses. This fruit can help in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease, cancers, arthritis, and diabetes.

Healthy Skin

Dragon fruit is good for the skin. You can prepare an anti-aging mask by combining the pulp of the fruit with honey. If your skin is prone to acne, make a paste of the fruit and apply it to your skin where you see redness and rinse with water. To soothe the sunburned skin, combine dragon fruit with cucumber juice and honey to create a paste and apply it, and later rise it with water.

Reduces Signs of Aging

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants, which keep our skin healthy and tight. Daily intake of one dragon fruit can make your skin look young and shiny.

Treating Colored Hair

This fruit can do wonders to your chemically treated hair. Applying its juice or conditioner containing pulp on your scalp can prevent your colored hair from damaging. This will keep your hair follicles open, allowing them to breathe and remain healthy and smooth.

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