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International Women's Day 2024: 10 Health issues that almost all Indian women face

International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th every year, is a day to recognise and celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. However, while progress has been made towards gender equality, there are still many health issues that Indian women face.

Written By : Health Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Published on: March 05, 2024 18:11 IST
International Women's Day 2024
Image Source : FREEPIK 10 Health issues that almost all Indian women face.

Indian women encounter a range of health problems impacting their overall well-being. These issues are prevalent not only in cities but also in rural regions where accessing healthcare poses additional challenges. As International Women's Day is approaching here in this article we have explored ten common health concerns among Indian women.


According to Dr Rekha Sharma MBBS, DNB  Consultant Physician Ruby Hall Wanowrie, a prevalent health issue among Indian women, iron deficiency anaemia is often exacerbated by poor nutrition and heavy menstrual bleeding. In rural settings, limited access to nutritious food exacerbates this problem further.

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome:

Unhealthy lifestyle habits contribute to obesity and metabolic syndrome among Indian women. In rural areas, a lack of awareness about the importance of exercise and nutrition worsens this issue.

Reproductive Health Issues:

Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and infertility are common concerns for Indian women. The stigma surrounding reproductive health issues hampers timely medical assistance, especially in rural communities.

Breast and Cervical Cancer:

Breast and cervical cancer are leading causes of mortality among Indian women. Limited access to screening facilities and cultural taboos hinder early detection and treatment, particularly in rural areas.


Loss of bone density, or osteoporosis, is a significant health issue for women, especially postmenopausal ones. In rural settings, lack of awareness about bone health and limited healthcare infrastructure pose challenges in managing this condition.

Thyroid Disorders:

Thyroid disorders, including hypothyroidism, are prevalent among Indian women, affecting metabolism and overall health. In rural areas, access to thyroid screening and treatment may be limited, leading to undiagnosed or untreated cases.

Mental Health:

Depression, anxiety, and stress are common mental health challenges faced by Indian women. In rural areas, social stigma, limited access to mental health resources, and gender roles exacerbate these issues.

Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence remains a significant threat to the health and well-being of Indian women. In rural areas, women may face additional barriers in seeking help due to societal norms, economic dependence, and lack of support services.


Poor dietary habits and inadequate nutrition contribute to malnutrition among Indian women, particularly in rural areas where access to nutritious food may be limited.

Maternal Health Concerns:

Maternal health remains a critical issue for Indian women, with factors such as malnutrition, inadequate prenatal care, and childbirth complications contributing to maternal mortality. In rural areas, limited access to healthcare facilities and trained professionals further jeopardize maternal health outcomes.

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