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Devoleena alleges Divya Bhatnagar was victim of domestic violence by her husband, calls him criminal

In a video, Devoleena Bhattacharjee has alleged that, late actress Divya Bhatnagar was a victim of domestic violence by her husband Gagan Shetty. See her post here:

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 11, 2020 21:07 IST
Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Divya Bhatnagar

Devoleena alleges Divya Bhatnagar was victim of domestic violence by her husband

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2's actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee, shared another video on Instagram after the death of her close friend Divya Bhatnagar. In the video, Devoleena has alleged that, late actress Divya, was a victim of domestic violence by her husband Gagan Shetty. She said Divya was a victim of physical assaulted and mental harassment while she was alive. 

Further Devoleena also alleged that Divya's husband had smashed her head just three days after their wedding, and he regularly hit her and hurt her with a belt. She even claimed that Shetty used to lock Divya in a room for days. Calling him a criminal, Devoleena further alleged that he had threatened to kill the late actress' brother as he had a gun with him, if she opened her mouth.

Addressing Divya's husband, Devoleena says: "Gagan Shetty or Gabru Shetty and don't know how many more names you have because criminals have multiple names...'Criminals ke bahot naam hote hain'. Maybe you had scared Divya so much so that she could not reveal anything to her family members or friends, but she has shared incidents of assault on her with some of her friends and fans and friends, with whom she used to chat. She had even written about it and we have proof of everything that was done to her. All these chats have been there in her phone."

She added "Divya understood your real nature but it was too late, and despite that she kept tolerating everything in a hope that you will mend your ways someday or you will change but you didn't. You have just used her to foray into this industry. You even told her to ask me to follow you, so that your account can be verified. You have assaulted her mentally as well as physically."

Calling Gagan 'rakshas' (monster), Devoleena said: "Divya wanted you to become normal, she was giving you time, she didn't tell us a word because she knew we would put you behind the bars. But you are a monster."

Devoleena also revealed that Divya had earlier informed the police about her husband and would want to meet Gagan Shetty in that police station, so that she could land him up in jail. 

Earlier, in another post, Devoleena shared a photograph of Divya's bruised knee. And some screenshots of allegations made by the late actress' co-actors and neighbours against her Gagan.

 "Ok so sharing few of the incidents and also the chats between divya and her friend and also her neighbour who is the witness of all....The assault she had gone through no can even imagin....Lets fight against domestic violence and punish the culprit... #divyabhatnagarofficial," she captioned the post.

Recenlty, she shared her phone call recoring od Divya, where she revealed about her domestic violence incidents and murder threat. "And we still wait for the crime to happen..and log bas tamaashe dekhne baithe rehte hai...that criminal is roaming wherever he feels like and asking to support shameless and insensitive one can be... This criminal should be behind the bars asap. Divya's many so called well wishers and friends..kahan ho bhai tum log...Rehne ko jagah nahi toh divya ka ghar,khaana divya ka,sab divya ka...Aaj saanp sungh gaya tum sabko...Selfish & worthless people you are..crocodile tears barsa k gufa mein chup gaye sab..," Devoleena captioned the post.

"Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" actress Divya Bhatnagar passed away on December 7, after battling Covid-19. The star had been in a hospital in Mumbai after she was diagnosed with health complications. Since her death, her family and close industry friend, Devoleena Bhattarcharjee, have accused her husband of physical abuse.


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