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Brad Pitt snubs 'voice of F1' Martin Brundle at US Grand Prix, sports fans annoyed | WATCH

Brad Pitt is reportedly making a film on Formula 1 in which he is said to be playing a veteran driver. For research purposes, he visited the US Grand Prix and watched the sports.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: October 24, 2022 7:27 IST
Brad Pitt
Image Source : TWITTER/PHILDUNCANF1 · Brad Pitt snapped with Formula 1 team

Brad Pitt is said to be doing research for his upcoming film on Formula 1 in which he is reportedly playing a veteran driver. The Hollywood star seems to be wanting to gain as much knowledge of the sports as possible and has been spending time with drivers, the teams and F1 executives. He was recently spotted at the US Grand Prix circuit in Austin, Texas. However, a video has been going viral on social media that showed him snubbing veteran F1 commentator Martin Brundle during a grid walk as he walked past him and did not wait to interact with him. Lovers of F1 were annoyed with Pitt failing to recognise Brundle, who is also known by many as the 'voice of F1'. 

Brad Pitt fails to recognise Martin Brundle 

A video from the US Grand Prix showed Pitt walking with a group of people. As Brundle tried to grab hold of him for a byte, Pitt ignored him and walked past. Asked about his movie on F1, Pitt said while he walked away, "It is a top secret." Brundle said, "Someone is trying to grab my shoulder. They’re known as pitt stops if they don’t want you talking to Brad Pitt.”


Netizens react to Brad Pitt's encounter with Martin Brundle 

Many on social media were upset with how Brad Pitt did not speak to Martin Brundle. Commenting on the clip, one social media user said, "I get he should know who Martin is, for sure, especially if you’re doing research for an F-1 movie (sic)." Another Twitter user commented, "Not sure I understand the logic of Brad Pitt not wanting to spend just a moment to talk to Martin Brundle during the grid walk. I mean, this is his moment to connect with those F1 fans that would see his F1 movie (sic)."


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About Brad Pitt's F1 movie

It has been reported that Brad Pitt's F1 movie is about an ageing driver, played by Brad Pitt alongside a younger upstart. the filming set to commence in the second part of next season. Here are some glimpses of Brad Pitt spending time at the F1 circuit. 

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